Thursday, November 29, 2012


LOVE my precious four year old.  All of all my kids, this one is my craziest!  She might be the third born but she thinks she is the oldest, youngest, and sometimes only.  She acts like everyone else on earth has been put here for her entertainment!  She can also be the sweetest thing ever.  All the teachers at the gym adore her (she knows EXACTLY how to work people).  This morning when we got to the gym the head teacher said, "Kendall someone's been asking for you this morning."  She has a ton of friends in the gym daycare and when I walk in about ten kids yell, "Kendall, your mom is here!"  Everyone knows her and she knows everyone! 
In some ways, she's a very young four year old.  She started sucking her thumb, oh six or eight months ago and now sucks it constantly (grrrr).  When she's sad/hurt/mad etc she yells "monkey monkey monkey" and is not consoled until she holds her monkey blanky.  People outside the family always tell me how mature she is and it cracks me up.  But she is a good friend to everyone and likes to have things her way.  I could listen to her sweet voice talk all day long (though lately she's been doing baby talk-goes along with the thumb sucking, maybe?) 
Yesterday she had a fun sleepover with Diana and dinner at Donna's.  Today she got to spend the day with Kelly.  She's so excited for her birthday date with Grandpa.  She was way excited for all the phone calls she got as well.  Love this baby!!!  Happy birthday cute stuff!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sneak Peek

 Practically just one or two or one hundred clicks of the camera, and we're golden.  The pic above might not look to bad at first glance.  But if you take a closer look, well hello great great great great grandpa Maci.  (Enjoy a close-up below).

 Belly dancer Allie.
 I want to get this one blown up, mostly just of Kendall.

That's hot, Det.

The only hard part is deciding which one to hang on the wall.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


The morning of the snow all the kids woke up so excited to go out and build a hill to go sledding down (which I just now remembered.  And I'm so mad because I spent like an hour building it and we never sledded before it melted.)  Maci was in love with the idea of the snow and after we spent the required forty minutes getting ready we headed out.  The kids were loving it but it wasn't long before Maci realized that this beautiful white substance is evil.  One of her gloves fell off and she continued to play and before she knew what was happening she felt the pain.  She started sobbing.  Dave grabbed blankets and did everything he could to warm her.  The only thing that would make her stop crying was the snow.  In a bowl.  With a spoon.  She sat on Dave's lap all wrapped in blankets eating snow.  Then for dinner that night she was like, "snow!  snow!"  So I got her a bowl of snow to go with her dinner.  Then I got another huge bowl of snow for the rest of the kids.  We even had some snowcone flavoring and I made them snowcones.  I am not one of those mom's who thinks kids shouldn't eat snow.  In fact, Allie half-heartedly got after Kendall "don't eat the snow" she said, mostly to see how I would react.  And I said, "you can eat it if it's fresh.  Just make sure it's not yellow or brown." :)  Then they all stopped secretly eating it and ate it openly. 

Sda / Ah lee

Last week we had parent teacher conference. 

Allie's class has been struggling.  Her teacher arrived in the good ole U S of A about five minutes before school started.  She's the cutest thing ever, but speaks very little english and has had a super hard time getting her cirriculum down.  I feel so bad for her, but at the same time it's frustrating to think that my child's education could be suffering because of it. 

Allie's english class conference was fabulous.  Her english teacher is so awesome!  And she had nothing but awesome things to say about Allie, of course:)  haha!  Allie loves first grade. 

The chinese conference didn't go as well.  I kind of wanted some answers.  A lady from the district was there (I guess you could say she's been supervising, since she's aware that the parents have not been too happy).  But they basically just said, "everything is great!  All the kids are geniuses!"  For now I'm pretty content to hold tight because Allie is loving chinese and has nothing but good things to say about school.   The first week we got chinese homework sent home I could not believe my eyes.  I was like, "k, I did mention when I signed Allie up for Chinese that *I* don't actually speak it, right?"  It was totally in Chinese!  Apparently all the parents went a little crazy and it hasn't been as bad since, but SERIOUSLY?!

Detmer's Chinese names is pronounced S dah.  Since she didn't have a way to translate Detmer, the first time she met him she asked him what he likes and he said BYU and sports.  So she did Sda which apparently means "star player" and it sounds so cute when she says it.  Well, Miss Ding is in love with my little Sda.  She is not a big raver but man was she raving about my bud (like what I'm doing right now, because he's so awesome).  She said, "I always tell class, 'why you not be like Sda?  Look at Sda, he sit so quiet."  Detmer is doing awesome in kindergarten.  He loves it and he is such a good friend to everyone.  Whenever we see anyone from his class, no matter where we are he goes out of his way to say hi to them.

So proud of my kids!


 Det was so excited to build a snowman (remember when we had snow for that day awhile back?).  He froze his little hands off but he worked and worked.

 Kendall and Maci were at Kelly's and Allie was inside coloring.  I was in and out helping him get the arms ready and lift one on to of the other.  I told Allie she should go look at it.  But she still colored.  Then Det came in and was so excited to show her so I asked her to please just go look.  Well, as soon as she saw it she thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Allie and Det wanted to go for a walk, I figured they were up to no good so I asked exactly what they were doing.  Yeah, they had signs that said "See a Snow Man for $.25"  Why see all the other neighborhood snowmen for free when you can pay to see ours?!  So I told them yes on the walk no on charging people to see the snowman.  At least Det did change it to "2 penees". 

Sister S

So I somehow managed to get myself on the contact list for the locoal Jehovah's Witness missionaries.  They stop by at least once a month to share a message with me.  They are super nice and they usually stop by while the kids are at school.  Since it was early out last week the kids were home when the missionaries stopped by.  They saw them at the door, but didn't pay much attention.  At least I didn't think.  Until Allie comes upstairs in the ensemble saying, "Look!  I'm a missionary, too!"  I was pretty proud of her and especially glad to see her carrying the Book of Mormon on display just like she is in the picture.  Of course, I've talked about my religious beliefs several times with the JW's.  But it was awesome for my daughter to do it in such a casual way.  Love her!


 So happy that my awesome bud was still proud to claim me even when I looked like that.  I went to his class first and he was like, "MOMMY!!!"  Allie just kept telling all her classmates, "she doesn't really have a black tooth, she just painted it."
 Allie was set on being a zombie, although when she saw the finished product she looked at herself in the mirror and said, "a lot of times things don't turn out how you picture them."  haha I'm making Allie sound so snobby.  Actually, at this time she was DEFINITELY going through a phase.  Which I hope is over. 

 We had a pretty good adult to kid ratio this year.  It was especially nice that Maci's second mom carried her from house to house.  I thought Maci would be content to sit in the stroller.  Oh no.  Not only did she have to get taken from door to door, she had to collect the candy and put it in her bucket herself.  Even when we tried to trick her into skipping houses she was not having it!
I love this picture Detmer's Halloween picture.  It's him, Batman, a Jack O Lantern, and of course it says, "I love my SELF".