Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 in 12

I can't believe it when I look back at some pictures from earlier this year!  So much has changed!  My kids have grown so much!  These are some of my greatest memories of 2012.
 Lasik!  Best thing ever!!!  I was sooo happy to get rid of my busted glasses.  It has been AWESOME being able to see.  Everyday I'm grateful!
 10 years baby!  Can't believe we managed to get someone to watch the kids for two entire days, but we sure did have a great celebration!
 First day of Kindergarten.
 First day of first grade.
 Two sweet trips to Disneyland.

 First time for my kids to visit the beautiful ocean!
 Detmer began his ball career and Dave began his coaching career. 
 My little dancer!
 YAAAAAY!!!!  Denny's getting married!
This was for sure an amazing and awesome year!!!  So many happy times and great memories. 


 I don't know where my crazy kids come from.  I don't think there has been a year yet where they have woken up before me on Christmas.  When we were kids, we had to wait until 5 am to go wake our parents.  Dave and I start being noisy around 8:30 because we can't wait any longer.  I even thought I heard Maci Christmas morning, so I went into get her.  She was sound asleep!  But I did leave her door up.  So she woke up soon and within a few minutes all the kids were up. 

ALL the kids had a blast this year.  And of course Maci couldn't wait to get her chips open and was eating chips while opening presents. 

My cute kids were all excited about their presents.  They each had one thing I wanted to video tape them opening.  And they did not disappoint.  Especially Detmer opening his beyblades.  Oh it was awesome! 

Friday, December 28, 2012


 I love Christmas traditions!  It's fun to look forward to the season.  Though I admit I look very forward to Christmas day since my kids are at the BEST ages to see what Santa brought.  We went to the Christmas Village and got there when it wasn't quite dark.  The kids still loved looking at all the dsiplays.

 Gingerbread houses!
 Leaving cookies for Santa, plus two pictures that Allie made for Santa.  The note said something like, "I realize you do a lot of work so I wanted to leave a present for you."
 Games!  Five Crowns in our favorite.
The Nativity this year was the best!  The kids really wanted to do it and I was too lazy to get anything other then these pretty horrible costumes.  They were still so excited.  Maci was the worst baby Jesus ever.  She just walked around sucking her fingers.  Hello, Mace, you should be lying in a manger.  Kendall was the cutest Mary.  I told everyone to walk out when they heard their name and when Kendall heard "Mary" she came speed walking out.  What cute kids!!!
My cute little cook Kendall helping Heather make egg rolls.  Yum!

School Kids

 I love hanging out with my kiddos in their classrooms.  This was our snowball fight in Detmer's classroom.  I'm sure I drive the teachers crazy wanting to come in all the time but I'm going to go ahead and stick with it.  I really want to do something fun like this once a month.  I love knowing all the kids by name.  So thankful to have a very amazing friend and my sister who are willing to take the baby girls.
 Polar Express party!  Love my handsome guy in his Sponge Bob jammies.
 I don't know why pics keep posting twice and I can't delete them???
Dave was the Dad of the Year-not only did he volunteer in Allie's classroom Christmas party (I signed up for both and then they got changed to be on the same day) but he was so fun during his game.  The kids loved him.  I've seen dad's volunteer but a lot of times they'll be really shy and lame but not this hot dad;)

The Elf

 My cute little Elf had a program at school.  I guess it is just different watching your kid up on stage because I thought it was the most entertaining program EVER!!!  Allie was so cute and LOVED it!!!  Grandpa Greg had to go to her performance that was held during school since the night performance was at the same time as Corben and Trevor's concert.  I text a couple friends to see if they knew what time the day performance was and none of them even knew about it.  Allie had been talking about it for weeks!!!  She is my little performer and I'm glad Grandpa went to that show-she was so excited to have a fan! 

 Allie and her best friend Lexie.  They've been best friends since nursery!
Allie's teacher is our neighbor.  She was actually the Relief Society president when we moved in.  I wasn't sure what it would be like to have our neighbor as a teacher but it has been SOOO awesome.  She is the most amazing teacher and I have continued to be so incredibly impressed with her.  I can't believe how lucky we have been getting the most amazing teachers ever!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Day at the Office

On Saturday Dave's office had an open house.  It was officially the first time in over seven years that we were able to go all the way up to Dave's desk.  Can't believe we were allowed such top secret clearance.  It was lots of fun, a lot more fun than we thought it would be.  They made little name badges for the kids.  It had their name, their picture, and the official company logo.  Dave made them hot chocolate in the break room.  At the end they had ornaments for the kids to make and cookies.  The ornaments turned out way cute. 
Afterward we went to the Capitol.  Which was also more fun than we thought it would be (I guess we were planning on a boring day:)). 
The kids, every two seconds at the capitol, "take my picture!" 

 They did not take their badges off the whole day.  Allie is taking hers for show n' tell tomorrow.

 Not sure why this picture showed up.  Cause it's so cute?!
 Coloring at Daddy's desk.
 Dave had prizes for each of the kids waiting for them at his desk, which made them even more excited!!!


Most mornings I have the kids clothes set out on the couch.  Yesterday I was back getting ready while Allie was getting ready.  I called her to get her hair done.  She comes back totally dressed.  In Kendall's clothes.  Even her jeans!  Uh, did those feel a bit snug at all, Allie?!  She would NOT let m take a picture.  She hid under a blanket until I was forced to put the camera away so she'd ACTUALLY get ready for school.  I hope I never forget the mental image though.

Detmer brought home a Chinese book to read and return.  He read it (correctly.  I guess. ???)   So I signed and told him to put it in his back pack.  Then he said, "actually Mom, I'm not supposed to return it until December 4th."  So I actually read the paper I just signed and he's right.  He's such an efficient guy!

Kendall always brings random things into the van but she knows she is NOT allowed to bring them into the gym. It's not allowed by the gym and not allowed by me because I know I will never see it if it gets into the gym.  Yesterday she had Man's Search for Happiness and INSISTED on bringing it into the gym.  Finally I was like, well, she's an innocent child maybe she knows something I don't:)  Yep, haven't seen the book since, probably gone for good.

Maci has started calling Detmer "Detmer Ryan".  Only she says it Metmo Yyan.  That's the only way she refers to him.