Thursday, January 31, 2013


My BABY is TWO!  There are, of course, no words to describe how much we LOVE this amazing baby!!!  But she hasn't been reminding me a lot lately of how much I love the age of two.  She is so much fun and so dang funny and surprises me every single day with the new sentences she says!

 She was being cute in the box so I went to take a picture and she made me wait for her to grab Rapunzel and climb back in the box, so Rapunzel could be in the picture with her.
 The other day Det's teacher asked me to come and volunteer last minute.  I couldn't find a sitter but Det really wanted me to come so I decided to just bring Kendall and Maci and at least make an appearance.  My friend was there and she said, "maybe it will be good and Kendall can keep an eye on Maci."  Um, no.  I told her more like the other way around and it's true.  Maci is very "responsible" and she very rarely gets into trouble.  She's definitely one of my three easiest children haha!  Sometimes we say, "Maci are you ready for bed?"  And she's like "yeah!" and runs as fast as she can to her crib.  Then before bed she makes us turn on her Ocean Wonders ("ocean", she says.  And now she knows how to turn it on herself so she just does that.)  She has a Broncos mobile above the bed and that has to be on as well (poor over stimulated child).  She got a bumble bee Pillow Pet for her birthday and that has become part of the routine as well.  She recently stopped fake crying when we go to leave. 

She is OBSESSED with sucking her two fingers.  The other night she was fussing at around midnight and she NEVER wakes up in the night so I ran in to see what was wrong.  Her nose was stuffy and it was really prohibiting her finger sucking and making her so mad that she couldn't comfortably suck.  Thankfully I just had to hold her upright and she was sucking again in no time. 

Her two favorite things are showing off and being chased.  She loves to perform Call Me Maybe, do the Gangnam Style, jump, and do the splits.  Then we have to clap for her.  She would never get tired of being chased, even though I get bored after like four seconds.  She just laughs and laughs. 

Since I have two girls at home during the day, this might sound uncharacteristic, but Kendall and Maci think fart and poo are the funniest words ever and they love making the associated noises.  Maci will be like, "hi poopy Mommy."  Then laugh her head off.  So of course I say it to her and she laughs just as hard.  I can't help but to encourage them when it gets such easy laughs. 

Kendall and Maci are best friends.  Kendall hates when Maci naps.  I say, "Maci, are you ready for a nap."  And I hear Kendall whisper to Maci, "say NO WAY!"  Then, of course, Maci says, "NO WAY!" 

Allie and Detmer adore Maci and spoil her soooo much!  They would do anything for her.  They are the first ones there if she is sad or hurting.  Detmer is so protective of her.  She can whack him in the face and in the sweetest voice he says, "no no Cybil.  We don't hit, okay."  PS I have NO idea why he calls her Cybil.  It's one of her many beautiful nicknames.  I was informed by Kendall the other day that we can no longer call her Fray-nee-on-uh, which was her nickname for nearly a year.  I'm having a hard time letting go of that one.  And Kendall started calling her Mei Mei again, which I've never loved and I think it makes Cybil and Frayneeonuh look like names of the year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


-I went to the store by myself.  I usually prefer to go with the girls during the day and be home with my family at night but I don't feel good about making them spend anymore time in the 10 degree weather then absolutely neccessary.  If I'd had them with me I probably would have been too distracted to notice a scene this other family was having.  They had two boys.  Probably ages one and four.  I could hear the four year old fussy/crying/screaming the entire time I was in the store.  They checked out just before me.  It was a military dad.  The four year old's hand was firmly held by his mom, but he wanted his dad.  He was shouting, "Daddy!  Daddy I love you!  I love you Daddy!"  In between the tears.  I do not know how this dad resisted.  I'm sure these parents probably felt like harming the child.  But I just couldn't help but to think that his dad has most certainly spent a good part of that little boys life deployed so could he please forgive his store tantrum and just hold him?  Tonight Allie did not get to see Dave before she left to dance and he was gone to scouts when she got home.  She was kneeling on the floor in the family room when she thought she heard him.  She raised taller on her knees and whispered, with a questioning look on her face, "Daddy?"  When he walked through the door she broke into a sprint to go love him.  Bless the hearts of children who do not have that opportunity each night.

-Detmer has been obsessed with me lately.  And since I am an M-O-M I can't just enjoy it I have to figure out the underlying issue.  Is something going on at school?  Is he not feeling well?  Not getting enough attention at home?  When I went to get him from the gym daycare he had drawn me three pictures, all said, "I (heart) Mom".  He does that a lot.  But then when we were taking Allie to dance he's like, "Mom, actually I really miss you while I'm at school."  I just played it off, "oh of course you miss me, I'm your favorite mommy!"  Then I was going through his folder tonight and on some random paper where he was practicing writing d's it was written in the corner, really small, "I (heart) mom".  He also insists I come eat lunch with him tomorrow!  Normal or not?!  Hopefully it's just a cute phase that I'll tease him about one day.

-There was a picture of my dad's FINGER on Dave's ipod (a little baby was holding my dad's finger) and Detmer's like, "hey, there's Grandpa!"  What the???

-I've been feeling all guilty because not only do I have YW's on Wednesday but with all the craziness in December and stuff I've been working out at night, too.  So I just feel so terrible for leaving my poor family to fend for themselves and I'm not sure how they go on without me.  Well, today Detmer was all excited and made this announcement "I love Wednesday.  I get to have pizza for lunch and stay home with Daddy."  I was all confused.  "Bud, Daddy has work tomorrow."  "I know," he replies, "but we get to stay home with Daddy ALL NIGHT because you go to the gym and Young Women's."  Ok, guilt gone.  (so maybe there is something mysterious about the above I love mommy issue because he doesn't mind when I'm gone from home, CLEARLY???)  Anyway I think it's all for the best.  They got iPod's for Christmas and while I'm not an anti-technology mom I'm a there's-really-no-reason-for-you-to-sit-and-play-that.  Ever.  And Dave's more of a, "why are we not playing our iPod's right now?"  So it works pretty good for all involved.  And I just wrote that paragraph to try and ease my Wednesday night guilt.  Let's see how it works out.  It'll go better if my girls don't follow me to the door and scream and I shove them back inside and shut the door.

-I've had a lot of feedback (cause you know, EVERYONE wants feedback on the choices they make for their kids) about the Chinese Immersion program Allie and Detmer are in.  But none quite so astouding as a lady at the gym.  I told her about it and to keep a long story short my two favorite responses from her were, "okay I can see doing that if you were moving to China, but you live here, so that makes no sense."  Seriously?  Isn't 90% of what we encourage school aged kids about is arming themselves with as much knowledge as possible for the future?  I didn't take Spanish in highschool with plans to move the next day to Mexico.  I took it because I thought maybe it would help me in my future career plans.  Oh wait.  *I* took it becase foreign language was required.  But a guy I know took it to help him with his future.   The other most stupid comment, "I've never heard of that.  And I work for the airline and no one I work with has ever heard of it either."  Oh really?  They haven't?  Did you take a preemptive poll to make sure? 

-My sister-in-law found a dog driving back to NM from Utah.  He had been hit by a car and was freezing.  She took him to the pound in hopes that his rightful owners would claim him.  They didn't so my brother picked him up on his way to Utah.  He took him to the vet and the poor guy (C Montgomery Burns or you can call him Monty if you want) was in bad shape.  He had tons of stitches and his knee was hurting so bad he had to limp.  I WANTED TO KEEP HIM.  He loved me!  It was so weird, because all mankind should know I am NOT a dog person.  Or a fish/cat/bird person.  But we bonded right away and this dang dog loved me.  He laid not AT but ON my foot for an hour.  If I moved my foot, he moved his head.  He had a cone on his head and it kept bumping into things.  It's times like these where I am really glad Dave is severely allergic to animals.  Because if not, I'm pretty sure I would be a dog owner right now.  Okay, probably not because surely I would have talked sense into myself by reminding myself that Kendall would have pulled out his stitches.  Also:  Giff was up with him at least every two hours. 

-There's two things I've learned this past week that I didn't expect to learn at such an early age.  1)  Planning a wedding is a LOT of work!  2)  I was a VERY low maintenance bride.  You're welcome.  (Oh and that's not to say Cort is high maintenance.  In fact, she's been VERY laid back about the whole thing which is how I realized how incredibly low maintenance I was).  

-I guess I am itching for a warmer climate a little too much.  Allie hates the idea of moving and refuses to leave all her friends.  The other day Kendall caught only the end of our conversation as we walked into the room she was in, "I'll buy it for you if we move,"  I said.  Allie responds, "no.  I don't want it if we have to move."  Kendall pipes up and says, "ALLIE!  We are MOVING to FLORIDA!"  Guess I've made my pipe dreams clear.  Det has also informed his primary teachers about our impending move.

-The thing I promised Allie I'd buy for her if we move?  A surfboard.  She has decided that is the ONLY thing she wants next Christmas which makes a ton of sense because the surfing in Utah is AWESOME!

-Allie couldn't find her leo so I had her put on these little booty shorts from last year (read:  they were booty shorts last year.  So now they are basically booty shorts that are too small).  I didn't want her to get embarrassed or anything so I had her wear some capris over them.  I figured the capris would be fine but just in case had her in the shorts.  After dance she comes in, takes off the capris, and starts dancing whilst watching her reflection in the TV.  Which is when I remembered that wearing those shorts probably helped Allie fulfill one of her fondest dreams.  Girl has a thing for dressing immodestly.  I remember going through a phase like that myself {shudder} and {bless that everyone else has forgotten about that phase}.