Tuesday, March 26, 2013

fleas flee from flea treatment

Thanks to my sibs for the entertainment tonight while Dave was at basketball!!!

PS.  I didn't know all the clickable links would show up on this so I made them unclickable to protect the innocent. 

Sunday via iOS
My new dog

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  • Kelly  LOL Chris!!!

  • Gifford  He's laying right on the bed. Must be some kind of Facebook photo trickery. His name is Peart. Type Peart in the comments and my new dog will appear.

  • Kelly  What are you talking about? Are you high?

  • Gifford  Type Peart in the comments and he'll show up in the photo.

  • Kelly  Uh, Peart.

  • Kelly I still don't see him.

  • Gifford  Don't know what to tell you.

  • Kira          Kelly  I litrally text Giff at the exact time you made that comment to give Chris props. Giff you can read up on it here: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=294&sid=23758375

    Four months after Sports Illustrated wrote a poignant piece about Manti Te'o, a ...linebacker for Notre Dame who finished second in the Heisman voting last year, the story of the player's girlfriend dying from cancer unravelled.See More

  • Kelly  I still want to know where Peart is.

  • Kira     Kelly  you can't see it when you type Peart? Make sure you put the "@" sign before you type Peart and don't type any other words.

  • Kelly  Are you guys trying to play a trick on me?

  • Kira  Don't forget the @ before you type Peart.

  • Kelly  Then it just shows a list of names.


  • Kelly  Oh my gosh HILARIOUS!! I'm still so curious what I'm doing wrong? When I did @peart it listed a bunch of friend matches.

  • Gifford  She is so cute.

  • Kira  I can't wait to meet her. The kids love her already.

  • Kelly  Yes, Giff. She's a handsome one.

  • Kelly  Kira tell me what I did wrong.

  • Kira  I hope Geddy and Dex realize they are related and don't try and get with her.

  • Kira  What you did wrong=believing any of this post.

  • Gifford  Geddy is a girl too so I only have to worry about Dex.

  • Kelly But how did you see that picture?

  • Kira  Oh yeah. Why do I always forget Ged is a girl?! You gave her a boy name.

  • Kira  I googled it. Just wanted to see if I could really have you believing. #score

  • Kelly  Were you and Giff in cahoots? Did he have Peart in mind when he did this lame post? Or do most smart people know to go google Peart?

  • Kira  I actually googled "ugly dogs". I believe that dogs name is actually Sam. But I like Peart better.

  • Kelly  So what you're telling me is you went to all that trouble to make a fool of me? It usually doesn't require that much work.

  • Kelly  Corben is very concerned about why Gifford posted this photo. Any insight on that?

  • Gifford  Peart is the last name of Rush's drummer. Haven't you seen all those posts that say type 1 in comments and see what happens?

  • Kira  But it was super entertaining. The only reason I was one step ahead was because I was also concerned about Giff's mental capacity after seeing this post. I text him and said, "hi sweetheart! You realized there's no dog in there, right? Unless he's suuuuuuper tiny??? Loves!"

  • Kira Apparently it was an inside joke between him and his co-workers. (whispering) I hope he's not offended that we were all concerned about his mental state when we saw this.

  • Kelly  Oh my gosh you are a bunch of crazies. No I haven't seen anything about type 1 in comments. Are they all as fake as this one? I still don't get your original intent.

  • Gifford  I have lots of imaginary dogs. I can't save them all so I pretend I am. I'll post more pics soon.

  • Kelly  Oh, whoopsies. Sorry Giff! Loves from me too!

  • Kelly  It's just I never knew you were so hilarious.

  • Gifford  Of course they are fake but lots of people fall for it.

  • Kelly  Oh great I just joined the herd of morons.

  • Kira  And I'm always soooooooo embarrassed for people who fall for it. (whispering) don't tell Millie I said that.

  • Gifford  You've known me my whole life. I'm hilarious.

  • Kelly  In your own special way, yes.

  • Kira  "your own special way" that is to say, everyone who knows you is able to see it from miles away and that you almost won the show "Last Comic Standing" back in '07.

  • Kelly  Yes, of course that's what I meant.
  • Kelly  I'm still so ashamed. I feel like one of those people who might've actually sent away for information on an envelope-stuffing job.

  • Kira  Or tried to be a mailman?

  • Kelly  Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  • Kira Seriously. I have tears. Can't believe I didn't wake the children.

  • Gifford  I'm glad I made both or your nights with my insanity. I will give Peart a big goodnight kiss on the lips from both of you.

  • Kelly  Slip a little tongue for me.

  • Kira  Just bring her here so we can cuddle already!!!

  • Gifford  Oh of course. She can't even close her mouth all the way cause of her teeth.
  • Gifford  Sorry Kira but she has flees so I'm not bringing her this time.

  • Kelly  Oh no you diunt.

  • Kira  You know our neighbor is a vet who is happy to treat fleas!

  • Kelly  Oh my gosh everyone stop I can't breath!!

  • Gifford  Dr Steffensen Right? I won't be there long enough for treatment.

  • Kelly  Let me just jump in and save a little dignity by pointing out that neither of you know how to spell FLEAS, and I do.

  • Gifford Hill Auto correct. I have an iPhone. Do you?

  • Kelly Hill Cardon Uh, no, I use a computer built in the 1800s. So you're saying I'm smarter than a computer??

  • Gifford Hill The fleas flee from flea treatment.

  • Kelly Hill Cardon Fine. Back to being the biggest moron on this thread. No major feat there.

  • Kira Hill Steffensen Yep. Cuz I only spelled it wrong to imitate Giffy. #holla!

  • Gifford Hill Well I don't think Kira has an iPhone so your good there.

  • Kelly Hill Cardon Woohoo 2nd place! And did you see her lame excuse??

  • Kira Hill Steffensen Sorry, folks. But Dave's home now and he even said, "uh he spelled fleeeeeees wrong" and he has a vet degree so I took his word for it.

  • Gifford  I like that sentence. The fleas flee from flea treatment.

  • Kelly  It is very profound. Maybe you should repeat it.