Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Right after school got out Det had the chance to go with his cousins to New Mexico.  He was pretty excited to spread his wings and be independant from me and I was excited for him to have a week with the boys since he's surrounded by all us girls at home.  Here's a couple texts I got from Kelly while they were gone:
I asked if he was homesick.  The response:
"Det do you miss your mom?"  "Kinda."  "Do you miss your dad?"  "Little bit."  Guess he's fine. 
He called me the first night he got there so I text to have him call me the next night.  His response:
"I don't wanna do that EVERY night." 
So, yes, he did just fine and still talks about it all the time and he now wants to get a dog like Rumor who is Shirelle's little chihuahua.  He loves the big dogs, too, but seems he has a fondness for the lil gal.

One of their favorite NM pasttimes is an arcade.  Oh and another text:  "Before I could turn around Det had spent ALL his tickets.  Candy!"  Whose kid...?
 He had such a blast playing t-ball and can't wait to start soccer this fall!
 His awesome coach.
 He did so awesome in his kindergarten program.  I mean, I'm sure every mom thinks that but c'mon my Det was amazing.  He was so animated and cute.  He had such a great year in kindergarten and made some great new friends!  AND had the BEST teachers EVER!!!  We're so bummed that they are both leaving this year. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This is one of my favorite pictures from our entire cruise.  I can't look at it without laughing.  One night on our way to pick up the kids we decided to stop and swing on the hammock for a minute.  We swayed gently side to side as we talked.  But we needed a little more movement so Dave stuck his leg over the side and gave us a good push and we really got swinging.  It was so fun that when we slowed down, he decided to do it again.  And it was so weird how it happened.  It was like slow motion.  All of the sudden I realized Dave was on the ground.  And I was trying to figure out how he got there I felt that I was also slipping and pretty soon I was on the ground next to him.  It would have been like the scene from a romantic movie and we could have just gazed into each others eyes and kissed if I hadn't have been laughing so hard.