Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting Started

I would love for this post to have pictures of how fabulous my kids were on the first day of school but my piece of crap computer deleted them:(  They were sooo cute, even Kendall and Maci were so excited about first day of school clothes.  Allie is normally not a clothes type of a gal, but she was in love with her high top converse.  Then when I showed her what she was wearing on the first day she was so excited and kept saying it was the best outfit ever and she loved it so much.  It made me happy because heaven knows I spent hours putting it together.  They are so awesome!!!

So on Monday we had this stupid back to school morning thing where we signed up for stuff-making the first morning even more chaotic than usual and I don't think anyone thought it was a good idea.  Then I went to work out and I got the worst work out ever because I couldn't stop wondering how Allie and Det were doing.  Kendall had been so excited to start "mommy preschool" I didn't know if she would be let down so I thought maybe we would do a field trip, but then decided against it.  We had a fun preschool.  Kendall and Maci loved it and loved having lunch from their lunchbox.  Then they went back downstairs and played and I barely saw or heard from them because they were busy doing their thing.  Finally I called them upstairs to put Mace down for a nap.  The door knocked around 1:45 and I was running to tell Kendall not to answer it when suddenly I see Det in the family room.  My first thought was that he just walked home at recess.  Then I saw Allie and realized it was early out and became sooooo glad I didn't do a field trip!

So far they are both loving school and I wish it would last forever.  Allie is obsessed and wants to be at school all the time.  She casually mentioned how they had to come find her and her BFF at recess cause ya know, they forgot to go in when the bell rang.  She'll be getting a reputation already! 

Allie started talking about her crush at school and I said, "you're only 8!!!  You can't have a crush on boys!!!"  She said, "oh Mom, it's young love."  Oy.  We better keep an eye on that one.

I basically can't pay Det to tell me anything about his day.  He does keep saying he's having fun and he likes his teachers so I try not to worry about it too much.  Good thing I signed up to be room mom in his class so I can spy on him:) !

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I can't believe my little baby girl got baptized!  Allie is so awesome!  Her baptism went perfectly.  I knew I'd be super busy since I was getting home from girls camp the day before her baptism but thanks to my super amazing awesome husband I was able to do everything I wanted.  He had the house cleaned from top to bottom.  I really wanted to do Allie's pictures and since it would be better to NOT have the kids home:)  we had plenty of time and did lots of awesome pics.
 We made necklaces at girls camp so I made this one for Allie to wear at her baptism.  One side says "Allie" and the other "CTR". 

 To try and get Allie to do an actual smile instead of a smile that looked like she was in pain I told her I'd give her a clue about her present (which she of course was SOOO excited to get!)  She did not like my clues.  When she was telling Kelly about it she said they were "horrible, horrible, and horribler."  It's something.  It's not something you eat.  I didn't want to give it away!  Dave came home from work the Friday before her birthday and he told me "I couldn't resist."  He had bought Selena Gomez tickets for Allie!  She loves Selena and her reaction was priceless.

 Before her baptism in the same dress me and her aunts were baptized in.

 Annnnnnnnnd we're back to the painful smile.  Grrr!

 Allie and Bishop Erickson
 Allie and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Weber (she happened to be there and is in our ward). 
 These are the guys who were baptized with Allie.  Parker and Lance. 
So glad I did the pictures the day before.  This is the only one I got on baptism day before she ran upstairs announcing she spilled orange soda all over it.  Thankfully it all came out for church!