Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I've mentioned before I don't love journaling or blogging but I do love the aftermath of being able to look back and remember all these moments.  I know several people who are too overwhelmed to start a blog or journal because they have not been doing it since the day they were married, or the day their first kid was born.  But recording something is so much better than having nothing.  Even if you don't start until your kids are grown-life is full of so many experiences!  I always say that would be the one benefit of starring in my own reality TV show, I wouldn't ever have to forget these moments.

And some I may want to forget, but they are funny later.

I went and got my phone at 3:28 and had several missed calls from the school.  Crap.  I called back and got voicemail (is it still called that?).  So I hurried to get the girls ready so we could just head to the school.  Allie has dance at four on Thursdays so I had to grab her stuff or she would never make it on time.  When we're finally heading out the door my phone rings again and just as I suspected, it's Allie.  Through her tears she told me she can't find Detmer and he may have taken the bus home with his friend, even though he wasn't supposed to do that til tomorrow.  Allie knew she had dance and couldn't be late but she was too concerned about her brother to even realize it.  So glad they have each other. 

Called the friends mom, no bus yet, but she'll let me know. We had already discussed the possibility of playing today but Det's friend couldn't because he had a birthday party. 

Finally (like three minutes later) she calls to let me know, yep, Det got off the bus and came home with Rudy.  These two are best friends in the world and they'd rather play together than do almost anything else including, I guess, go to a birthday party because as it turned out Det knew they were playing tomorrow but Rudy said, "eh, just come anyway."  Guess we'll be having some talks on peer pressure.  Which I knew long before now. 

So we get Allie to dance, accidently offer to keep Det's friend for the night, realize Det will be at soccer for an hour, go get another friend to come to soccer and keep first friend company.  Take K and M to park to play with friend, bring them home afraid it's like an hour past when I was supposed to pick Allie up at dance (got chatting of course).  Realized I don't have to leave for twenty minutes, Kendall and Maci freak out and start screaming at me (Kendall pulls out the classic, "I don't like you!")  So I put them in the van without buckling them and start driving.  They start freaking out about why didn't I buckle them so I tell them, "well.  This way, I can go to jail."  "NOOOO!"  They're really wailing now.  And I told them, "well, you guys don't like me so I think I will go to jail and maybe make some new friends.  Someone will cook all my meals, I can take naps, and don't worry, you guys can come visit."  "NOOOOO MOM!  WE DO LIKE YOU!!!"  (So it just takes threatening to go to jail to get her to remember that.)  And it's never a good time of day when you start joking about going to jail, but then you think about it, and you're like, "hmm would it really be so bad")  And now I've traumatized my girls for life.  But if I have to I'm definitely willing to make that threat again;)


As everyone (except my Dad because his phone forgot to remind him) knows, yesterday was my birthday.  For the most part it was a pretty fun/funny day.

*Maci waking up the whole household having peed the bed. 
*Dave eating my dessert.

*Going with Dave to Boondocks.  We got the unlimited fun pass and did everything.  We bowled three games (bowling is so fun, but not for what the kids these days are charging.  Back in my day it was a cheap date!).  Dave had one game where there were only FOUR pins he didn't knock down the whole time.  It just made me feel really fortunate, on my birthday even, to be married to such a talented man.
*I didn't think the kids would know it was my birthday even though we've been talking about it.  About a half hour after everyone got out of bed Kendall came out of her room yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!"  I thanked her then all the kids followed suit and gave me a hug.  Then Kendall said, "Mom, you didn't say it to me.  Happy _____"  So I'm all "Happy Birthday".  "No, Mom.  Happy tumbling!  I start tumbling today."  Which is the only reason she remembered my birthday, it was the mark of the first day of tumbling.  (I had to FORBID her today from asking "what day is tumbling again?")  She's been looking forward to starting tumbling for so long, I wanted to videotape her the whole way there so I would never forget how her whole body bounced with anticipation. 
*Allie and Det made me the cutest cards.  And it had money in it.  MONEY!  That's like the most priceless treasure they have and they each put money in their card.  Det a two dollar bill and Allie one dollar.
*After our date at Boondocks we picked up the kids and on the drive home Dave told them to each say two things they love about Mommy.  Maci went first and Kendall whispered two things for her today (PS. today Maci invited a new friend to the park who is a couple weeks older than her.  Mace was trying to chat with new friend and she came over to me and whispered, "that girl talks like a baby".)  Det said, "she takes us fun places like Get Air" and I can't remember the second one dangit!  Allie was so stressed out you'd thought she was taking the MCAT orally.  She was like, "Okay um which two things should I pick there's just SO many."  She eventually settled on, "she always listens to my problems and she helps me get ready for school."  Meanwhile she was getting teary eyed.  It was an emotional process.  Kendall said, "I love her.  And she takes us places."  Dave said, "I love her because she's so much fun," Allie interjected, "that was one of the things I was going to say!" then Dave gave a nice birthday speech about how fun I am and how he likes to kiss me.  I love them!
*When we got home I said, "this is the best birthday ever because all my hopes and dreams came true.  When I was a little girl all I wanted by the time I turned 32 was a handsome husband, three beautiful daughters, and an awesome son."  Allie looked at me, shocked.  "Really?"  She asked.  "Yes."  I told her, because while I might not have been so specific I did want a housefull of children and a hot husband.  Allie said, "well then Mom.  Be prepared.  Cause you're getting TWO more boys."  She is hoping/praying/wishing we will have twin boys (nope, not pregnant, and they've been talking like this since Maci was about a week old).  Detmer got all mad.  "NOOOO!  I have to be the only boy!"  Haha!  I know he won't always feel that way so I'm glad he does now.  And why does he?  Because his awesome dad spoils him and makes him feel so special for being the only boy. 
 *This wasn't on my birthday but I must add it.  I was making dinner on Sunday and I burned my thumb so bad I'm surprised I did not have to have it amputated.  I was incredibly irritated after that because I wanted Dave to help me since I only had the use of one hand, but he had to do a bunch of important stuff like check his email.  So I was twice as mad as I would have been and Allie brought me this picture, complete with the pulsating burned thumb and the pan I burned myself on.