Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Mexico

We had such a fun vacation to New Mexico.  My favorite part was cleaning out the van afterwards and finding that Allie had made two journal entries.  One on the way there, one on the way back.  They were hilarious!  I loved reading what she thought of the trip.  Needless to say, they had a blast.
 Detmer and Geddy who, according to Allie's journal, is the "fiesty one" "he jumps up on you and licks you all over the face and sometimes in the mouth!"  Yep.  Geddy is the fiesty one, who Giff claims "wouldn't hurt a fly" but drew blood on four of us!  She aint little, that one. 
 She's what led this little stink to spend all her time on the table.  I was hoping they would get used to the dogs, but they wouldn't, so everytime they came out Geddy would jump on them and they would say "put me on the table, put me on the table!"  Kendall would stay off of it for small increments but not my Mace!  She was in the bedroom with the door closed or on the table. 
 My most precious friend Ashley lives in NM so we got to go visit her while we were there!
 And these two little ones totally hit it off.  On the drive back to Giff's from Ashley's, Kendall says, "Now there's THREE boys I want to marry:  Emmett, Kyle AND Bryce." 
 After we went to the kids favorite arcade "Itz" I let them have their treats in the back of Giff's truck, which they think is the coolest thing ever.
 We went to this place called Tinker Town that the kids loved and especially love that Giff bought them goody bags (he spoiled them so much!!!).  According to Allie's journal entry, it was definitely one of the highlights. 
This little Rumor is the dog that the kids loved most and the poor little dog was pretty terrified of all those hands.  Kendall and Maci about died when they saw Rumor wearing this little hoody!