Saturday, November 23, 2013


 For Allie's birthday one of her gifts was Selena Gomez tickets.  Last week the concert FINALLY came!!!  Allie and I had so much fun!  I had to pick her up from dance and head straight there, she even had to change in the car.  We went to dinner and got to the concert with about a half hour to spare.  You could take instagram pictures and if you used...the correct...hash...tag your picture could show up on the big screen.  So to kill the time we took pictures and tagged them.  I had Dave put Instagram on my phone right when I got it, but then I forgot about it.  Once I opened it to see if I could figure out how to use it and Kendall has posted a pic to my account of something super lame.  Still, it made it all the more frustrating that Kendall had done that on accident and when I went to do pictures at the concert I could not figure it out.  I had to go ask some teenage girls sitting in front of me for help.  #stupidtechnology  Allie loved the concert and hardly sat down.  She mostly danced.  Which is what I would have liked to have done, except most people around me were sitting down so I had to stay seated, but they could see over Allie's head!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


My kids. They were SO cute at Halloween.  They each had their costumes planned since about August.  Maci wanted to be Piglet.  That's fine.  Except her Piglet outfit is about two sizes two small.  And it's not the cute.  Definitely not as cute as her candy corn witch costume. Plus I will never get over hearing her say, "I was a little witch."  I basically tricked her into being a little witch.  Worth it.

The kids loved trick-or-treating.  They lasted longer than ever before.  When they got tired, they wanted to go home, but not as much as they wanted to keep getting more candy.  It was a tough situation. 

We had a great Halloween, with lots of fun activities. 

Except Kendall's gray tooth at Black Island Farms. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


 ^^^This lil beauty is what we refer to as Maci's "uniform".  She wears it like it's her job.  The second we get home she changes into it.  Some mornings when she wakes up before me she has it on before I can stop her and so I occasionally give in and let her wear it.  The other day she said, "what should I wear when I get home from church?"  I said, "your uniform?"  The second we walked in the door from church she's all "uuuuniforrrmmm  uuuuuuniforrrrrmmmm."  She coudn't find it and I guess she figured she's worn it enough it should know the sound of her voice.  So a few minutes later she comes to me and says, "Mom, here's the deal.  I couldn't find uniform so I put this on instead."  It was so hilarious I'm trying to get her to say "here's the deal" again because the way she said it was so funny!  I finally had to put my foot down about uniform because it is just getting too cold for her to walk around in what should be a shirt but she uses it for a dress. 

She is such a sweetie pie!  We are so lucky to have her.  Tonight when Grandpa came over she said, "when's your surgery?"  It's amazing the things kids pick up on!  She is the most chill and mellow thing ont he planet, which is 99% because of her 2 fingers that she sucks.  Dave tries to get her to stop but I think she should get to do it until the age of 5.  It definitely needs to last through the "terrible two's" which have for sure not been terrible.  I was reading in my personal journal the other day about when she was a baby and while I didn't flat out say how awful she was I'd say, "you sure like to be held!"  "You're definitely the most high maintenance baby we've had!"  You know, in a nice mom way.    But she sure has made up for those baby years.  She's so much fun.  Last night Dave went to a late movie and I let her stay up the entire time he was gone.  She finally fell asleep in my bed after 11.  She can pretty much get whatever she wants!  So grateful, so blessed, and so so lucky to have her!

Friday, November 1, 2013


My little Kendall is so awesome and I'm not afraid to admit it;)  I have had several, like probably at least ten if I counted, mom's come up and tell me how much their kid loves Kendall and that Kendall is their kids "best friend".  A couple months ago a gal that works in the gym daycare was telling me that a mom was asking her who Kendall's mom was and she had been inquiring for awhile.  When I finally figured out who it was I told her I'm Kendall's mom and she said Kendall is the only reason her daughter will come to the gym.  I've actually had that happen multiple times.  Like the other day when I was walking on the street and my friend stops and says, "YOUR Kendall's mom?  I have been wondering because my daughter talks about Kendall non-stop.   Every morning when she wakes up she says, 'I hope Kendall is there today!'"  A lot of mom's of babies have told me, too, how much Kendall will spoil and play with their baby.  Even the daycare workers have told me she loves to soothe the baby's.  The other day a daycare worker told me how Kendall went around and grabbed all the kids by the hand and proceeded to play games with them.  When I got there she said, "Mooom!  I wasn't done teaching school yet!" 

When we went to Black Island Farms a couple weeks ago a kid pushed her down the slide.  She came running to me covered in blood.  I could tell it was coming from her mouth but once I cleaned it up it didn't look too bad.  Her lip was so fat and swollen she didn't even look like herself.  She had a hard time eating for several days and still can't use her front teeth for biting.  Of course a couple days after the incident I notice the damage we are left with:  a gray tooth.  It has turned more and more gray and it's pretty dark.  I can't remember if Detmer's ever got that dark.  But since I have already done the gray tooth thing I knew not to take her to the dentist.  I'm really hoping she gets the white back but that is just my vanity. 

Kendall and Maci love playing together.  We get home from the gym and they start in on one of their "games" and I barely see or hear from them.  They constantly say, "Mom" and I say "what?"  And they scuss me and are like, "Mom, we were NOT talking to you.  WE are playing kids and Maci is my mom."  ("Kendall do you want to be the honey and I'm the mom.")

She is getting STOKED for her birthday.  I can't BELIEVE she's going to be five!!!  I'm dying that she starts kindergarten next year.  I mean, I realize this school year is still fresh but any day now the kindergarten registration is going to come and I"m going to be sick!!!  I love her so much!  She is so fun and loving.  We get kisses and hear, "I love you" all day long!