Sunday, December 8, 2013


 This beautiful young lady is FIVE!!!  I can't even believe it.  She's just my little girl.  And 5 is such a milestone because she's the age she will be when she goes to kindergarten!  When Allie and Det turned 5 they were so independent and Kendall is still just our little girl!  She's such a sweetheart!  She had a super fun princess party at Kelly's.  THANK goodness she was willing to step in for me so that Kendall would get a party because I could not have done it! 
 She got this purse with a K on it for her birthday.  Inside was a fun pass to Boondocks.  Once again, thank goodness for Dave so Kendall's birthday was not a total bust.  He came home early and took her to Boondocks for the day.  She was in heaven!!!  They stayed and played for several hours and Kendall is still talking about it. 
I loved that most every picture Dave sent me she was hanging on tight to her purse.  Though I have to admit, I haven't seen it since;) 


 Sometimes it feels counter-productive to get the kids dressed all nice and then taking them to Chuck-a-Rama.  But, it is Thanksgiving and I like them to look nice.  The Chuck-A-Rama crowd is not too bad, I only saw one guy in sweats (Jeremy).

We had a pretty fun day and the kids loved every second.  They were only mad when we got home at 530 and the day was over.  They thought for sure we were going somewhere else.  After dinner we went and saw Frozen.   It was so cute and the kids all loved it. 


On the coldest (not quite wettest) football game of the season, Dave took Det along with him to watch the BYU games.  Detmer was so excited.  He had on jammie pants, shorts, warm-up pants, jeans and on top he had long sleeves, short sleeves, sweatshirt, coat, and poncho.  It snowed for much of the game but Det didn't even care!  He was a hard core fan and stayed past the bitter end.  BYU won by several touchdowns, which Det loves, so he enjoyed all the rising and shouting.  Since it was the last home game they presented the seniors with their blankets afterward, which Det wanted to stay for.  He even wanted to stay and high five the players as they ran back in!  Dave said the stadium was nearly empty by the time they left.  Of course being a blow out freezing cold game most people had long since left.  Det was disappointed he didn't get to high five the players at the end, but he loved the game and I can't believe how much he loved it even with the freezing cold!  I think it may be time to get someone his own season ticket!

We are so proud of this awesome guy.  When I went to his parent/teacher conference his Chinese teacher told me he's one of the best students she has!  He works so hard!!!