Monday, January 27, 2014


 My beautiful baby is three!  I can't even believe this girl who was just born is three.  We love her so much!  She entertains us all day long.  Her favorite thing is, "Mom.  I made a song.  Do you want to hear it?"  Then she proceeds to make up fake lyrics to a fake tune which usually turns into something that's the same words and tune as a known song but she tries to disguise it anyway she can.

She says the funniest things everyday.  Today at dinner Det was bugging her and she's like, "Det!  I thought you like me!"  When she was taking her toothbrush back to the bathroom tonight she comes back down the hallway and screams, "can't someone turn on the freaking light!!!" 

Because of her January birthday she is practically closer in age to her teachers than some of the other kids but she loves nursery so much and I'm glad she got this extra year, despite the fact that her the other three girls in nursery are 2, 3, and 4 weeks older than her so they all went to Sunbeams.  (When I see all their moms sitting in Sunbeams trying to calm their newly-three-year-olds I'm so glad my Maci is happy in nursery!) 

If she is playing kids, she has to be a baby or a puppy so she can crawl.  Crawling is her favorite thing.

She sang me this beautiful song as she was running around the house, "Mom you are sooo beautiful but you are so mean to us."  Warmed my heart.

The other day she's like, "What if you were a mommy skeleton and I was a baby skeleton and our baby was a baby skeleton and Kendall was a sister skeleton and Allie was a big sister skeleton and Detmer was a brother skeleton and Daddy was a Daddy skeleton."  Huh?  I'd like to know if she knows what a skeleton is but she sounds hilarious saying "skeleton". 

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ever since I got an iphone I'm in a picture crisis.  I take millions of pictures (as per my usual), most with my phone.  But if I use my camera, it takes me FOREVER to get them uploaded.  I don't want to wait another minute before recording our Christmas!
I was soooo happy that I started to feel better around Christmas and New Year's.  It was a nice reprieve while it lasted:/  I am worse than the kids on Christmas!  I get so excited for them to see their presents.  This year is the earliest they've ever gotten up.  I was way excited for them to get a little Roller Coaster.  My friend Ashley had one that they loved playing with when we went to Abq, so I knew that's what I wanted to get them.  Then of course Kohl's does their awesome Christmas sales and I fall for their stupid "Kohl's cash" and then spend a million more dollars (smartest marketing ploy EVER!), so they also got a teeter totter that I was excited for and they've loved both of those things.  Allie and Det got motor scooters and skates, it'd be awesome if it would ever stop snowing and they could use it!

 Kendall and Maci played non-stop with their princesses from Grandpa and Stephanie, they even went for rides on the roller coaster.


We had so much fun celebrating the Christmas season and this guys program was so fun!  It's only a half hour and it's cute songs and each kid has a cute little part! 

Did I already post this picture?  I just love it.  Maci was hurt and Det brought her his most prized possession to help her feel better.  Det and Maci have the cutest relationship.  Maci is NOT  morning person and the other morning Det was trying to get a love from her.  She would not.  He said, "when I get home from school can I have a hug?"  She nodded her head ever so slightly.  As soon as he got home he said, "Mace remember you said you'd give me a hug?"  And she ran and jumped into his arms. 
I have had so much fun being Det's room mom this year.  It's something I would love to do each year!  It is awesome being the party mom!


I tried a million times to post "My Favorite Home Video EVER!!!" But it will not work.  So here's a still shot of part of the video.  Lame!  Anyway, this is a picture of our family night where we told the kids we were having a baby.  We sent them on a scavenger hunt and at each stop they collected a present.  We then met back in the family room and opened the presents.  Things like a bottle, a binky, and tiny little diaper.  We told the kids to raise their hand if they figured it out.  In the video (grr, wish it were here!) you can see the exact second where Allie makes the discovery.  It's awesome and irreplacable and it makes me so happy that we have it forever and ever.  Just another extra reason for this family to be looking SO forward to the summer!