Monday, March 10, 2014

Endless Love

 I was singing karoke (Endless Love) and this was going on on the floor beside me and I was all, "Oh he's such an awesome dad no wonder he's my endless love."  And also, "do other people do weird stuff like have the mom on karoke and the dad on the floor wrestling the four kids?"
 My van got hit and this little ditty was going to cost at least $700 to fix.  The guy didn't want to use his insurance.  I couldn't feel good about having him pay that in cash to fix this stupid little ding but if insurance was of any use it sure would have been nice to be able to fix it up.  Grrr.
 Allie made a dinner of mini pizzas almost completely by herself!  She made kool-aid as well.  I hope her love for cooking continues so that in the next few years I never have to cook again.  Ha!
 Grandpa's birthday yesterday!  It was fun to get together with the family and don't tell but I'm pretty sure my kids gave the favorite gift:  two tootsie, two smarties, a penny, and two fruit snacks.  Or at least it would have/should have/could have been two fruit snacks but Mace couldn't resist and ate one of the fruit snack packs, which were taped to a card.  So it was a pack of fruit snacks and an empty wrapper.  Then when she gave him the remaining pack of fruit snacks she said, "can I have those?" 
This is what Detmer wrote in his journal today and it obviously says, "reading makes me smart."  That's debatable.   

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I love looking at pictures when we get back home from vacation but rather than just posting a ton I wanted o find my favorite "one" of each kid.  It was tough!

 I made Allie do a tumbling shoot in Cozumel.  I wish I would have got it one second later with both legs in the air but this is what you get with a cheap camera.  Love this view!
 Kendall was so excited about writing her name in the sand in Jamaica.
 Love my little beach babe.
Okay, this one you can't see Det's handsome face but I loved it because this guy snorkeled for hours.  I remember when I went snorkeling for the first time at age 20 and how amazing I thought it was and I loved that Detmer has gotten to experience the wonder of it all so many times by age 7.  He was so excited about every fish he saw.  This picture is in Cayman-just a coincidence that I got all three beaches-even though you can't tell them apart from these views.

Leaches at the Beaches

The baby girls favorite thing is going out to the deep with Dad. 

Thankfully he did get in a little bit of play time for himself as well.

Chinese New Year