Sunday, May 25, 2014

Told ya so.

Oh, Kendall.

When I try and explain my "spirited" child she never lets me down. 

Day after day she provides me with plenty of examples if anyone ever wonders what I mean when I say yeah, Allie, Det, and Maci, they're really low maintenance.  And Kendall, she's!

Kendall was being spoiled the other night.  She was the only kid still out of bed and Dave had told her she could lay down with us for awhile.  So we were all in preparing for bed and I brushed my teeth and was really thirsty so I guzzled down probably 8 ounces of water in two quick swigs.  Immediately my mouth was on fire and my throat was burning.  I told Dave something had definitely been spilled in my water.  Kendall was casually standing by and occasionally making comments like, "hmm, I wonder what it was?" 

After a few minutes it was burning even worse and I knew that a little something had not "spilled" into my water, but that some sort of bathroom chemical had been dumped into my water bottle. 

So I go into the bedroom where Kendall is innocently laying down by Dave.  I said, "Kendall, what did you put in my water?" 

Poor Dave.  He so wanted to be enjoying this moment with Kendall.  He's like, "I don't think she did anything.  She said she doesn't know."

Oh Dave.

So I took Kendall by the hand and brought her into the bathroom.  I said, "show me what you put in my water." 

Again Dave jumps to her defense and starts saying he doesn't think she did anything

But immediately her eyes well up.

So I asked again, "point to what you put in my water."

With full on sobs, she points to the hairspray. 

Now, here's the irritating part of parenthood.  While half of Kendall's parents (Dave) wanted to have a talk with her about the dangers of putting hairspray in people's drink, the other much less patience and more mean (me) parent KNOWS she KNEW already that it is not okay to put hairspray in people's drinks.   Yet she just couldn't resist.

So it's quite possible that I repeatedly told her I hope I don't die from hairspray poisoning.

And in the morning I told Allie and Detmer what happened and told them to have her try and wake me up while I played dead. 

I'm probably going to be writing a parenting book soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So we've been watching old family movies and let me be honest:  it can be depressing.  I mean literally the second I found out I was pregnant with Allie, my life changed.  It was like my life began that day:)  I loved all of it.  I remember being told over and over about how much our lives were going to change.  People were like "say good-bye to your travels" (haha!) and I particularly remember a few people warning me about that first night home from the hospital where you just don't know what to do.  And I remember that first night home from the hospital thinking, "okay when is it going to happen?  When's the part where I'm not going to know what to do?"  But it was pure bliss  I was a whole new person and I felt like my whole life was in preparation for these beautiful moments.  I wanted another baby when Allie was about two days old and I was like WHY DID WE WAIT SO LONG TO HAVE ONE?  So we didn't make that mistake again and we had Det when Allie was 18 months old.  She adjusted awesome to her role of big sis.  I remember she had one very large fit the first time I nursed Detmer and that was the only "oops" moment I remember.  To this day, having those two so close in age is one of the best decisions we could have made.  We didn't get too many comments with Det but with Kendall we constantly heard about how the third kid is the hardest and we should now be prepared because we are outnumbered.  Oh the irony of the fact that Kendall was our easiest baby.  Now I realize those first several months of her life that she sat their so content she was just dreaming up all the choas she was planning to cause in the next few years.  Then came Maci, who within the first few weeks of pregnancy had me convinced I was dying of some horrible disease.  I've had bad morning sickness everytime, but never to the extent that I did with Maci.  Nothing brought me even the smallest amount of relief and for sure it was the most sick I've been in my life.  Another irony, Maci was my toughest baby.  Get it all out early, I say!  Because of the sickness we briefly toyed with the idea of Maci being our last, but it never felt right.  By the time she turned two I wanted a fifth baby as desperately as I had wanted a first.  I've heard for some women that never goes away.  How unfair.  I just want to be one of those women who delivers her last baby and is like "at last my family is complete."  But I don't think that's going to happen unless I magically end up with like six more babies. 
So when we watch those old home videos I miss that time.  I LOVED having all four of my kids home with me.  Not many moms are lucky enough to get to have four kids home together but it was such a wonderful time for us. 
But these are great times, too.  I love these days and I'm going to look back on them with the happiest memories.  So I have to remind myself as much as I miss those sweet little babes from my home videos I love and adore the kids they have grown into.  Sometimes I could just burst with pride over their pure awesomeness!!!
Detmer has been doing track.  He is such an awesome runner.  I LOVE Det's determination!!!  He will slow down, but he will not stop until he crosses that finish line.  He gives each race everything he's got.

He also had such a fun year playing soccer.  He improved so much from last fall to this spring and we saw some real talent in him.  Again, I just love how hard he works.  Each game he was dripping sweat and red faced because as long as he was playing, he was giving it all he had.  My favorite part about watching him play was when he would score a goal he would just casually walk back toward the middle of the field, but within three to five seconds he could NOT resist looking over to me and Dave to make sure we were watching, and try as he might, he could not stop himself from beaming at us. 
Last Saturday Allie had a competition so I took all three girls and Det and Dave had a guys day.  Dave said it was the type of day you dream of having with your son.  Det is just so awesome!!!  His top tooth is loose and I'm kind of bummed because he's going to lose that perfect smile and enter that stage-you know the one where their teeth are as big as their head.  But then I remind myself how fun it is to watch them grow into these people they are becoming.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Of course it was Millie who came up with the brilliant idea to drive out and help Giff move.  I kind of mentioned this in the last post: I told her I would go, but I was not planning on it because I knew I wouldn't be able to find a baby-sitter.  I hate and loathe finding baby-sitters, which is why 99% of the time I only do things where I can bring my kids.  I blame this, and all my other issues, on my mom dying before I had kids.  Like, people don't realize how good they have it who not only do they have a mom they can call to watch their kids any old time but someone who wants to watch their kids and loves their kids and is honored to watch them.  At least that's how my mom was.  I mean, I hate saying stuff like that because I wish my mom we here for many, many reasons and not just so I could have a baby-sitter but it would be nice and I'm feeling extra sorry for myself about it right now because of some stupid doctor's appointments where I had no one to watch my kids blah blah blah but anyways I text Diana to ask her and she said, "absolutely".  And I was like ,whaaaat?  But super grateful because I knew they would be in great hands and I can't trust just anyone with my lil angels.  And Kendall and Maci were so excited to go to Diana's.  And I was so brave to leave my precious children:)  But it's just interesting to me how it all worked out because it was a memory I will treasure forever and I would love to do it again.  It's just awesome the appreciation you grow for your parents as you get older.  I mean I relished every word my dad said when he was sharing so many stories from his and our families past.  I was intrigued!  It's so fun to here about my mom and dad when they were my age!!
I also had such a blast with my siblings.  They are so AWESOME.  They are all big fans of Breaking Bad.  I have never even seen one second of it and I've been told repeatedly that there's no way I could handle it but I still decided to come along for the Breaking Bad tour of 2014 (it was filmed in Abq).  And I'm so glad I did it was hilarious!  I can now tell every detail of Breaking Bad even though I still haven't seen a minute of it.  I didn't even know Malcolm's dad was on it until I saw this: (you're welcome).  Some guy drove up while I was standing alone on the corner (the other nerds were across the street at the house) and held out a baggy and said, "do you want some meth?"  I said, "No thanks, I already got some from Walt."  So I related the story to Denny, Giff, and Millie and Denny's like, "You should have said from Heisenburg."  Then I said, "it was so lame though cause it was blue."  Haha.  Then I got taught that the purest form of meth is, indeed, blue.  Poor guy, his joke was so lost on me.  There was also a huge group of tourist at Walt, Skyler, and Walt Junior's house (thanks Denny!)  When we got there and the gal who lives there said people come from all over the world.  People, it was just a dream!!
I'm also glad I made it home  alive after a near death experience through, um, Uray?  Anyway, avoid that area at all costs.  But don't tell Dave cause anytime he hears I didn't like a place he "always wanted to take me there."  The road is wide enough for approximately one mouse so unless your car is that small then please avoid taking that route from Montrose to Abq.  It was terrifying enough, but when I realized that my dad and Denny were also terrified I literally wanted to get out and walk.  Why do people do that to themselves??  I cannot understand why anybody would willing take that road.  Two feet wide and no guard rails with about a 10,000 foot drop off.  My dad literally had to start singing primary songs to Millie because she was having a serious anxiety attack. 
So we all worked hard and got Giff and his seven thousand truck loads of stuff moved.  Thank goodness that Millie decided to plan this because if I do say so myself, I do not know what Giff would have done without us (me in particular) haha!  But seriously Denny helped him move all the heavy stuff and Millie and I packed about a thousand boxes and the new house is so nice I can't wait to go visit again!! 
Oh and the nights were so fun when we just went out to dinner (wherever Dad chose;)) and got to visit and then went back to the house and visited.  It was just so awesome and fun and enertaining.  I'm so lucky to have my siblings, even my little brother in heaven and we are excited for Cami to get here in less than two months!
 I love these stinkin' dogs!  I can't wait to go see them again.  I had so much fun taking them for walks.  I would totally get a dog if they would be as awesome as these two!  I even had a dream about them after I got back!!
 This picture drives me CRAZY!  Why are we all standing a foot apart.  I want to jump in there and squish us together.  We look like a bunch of acquaintances.  But this is Giff's new house.
 This is the first picture--I took it and then my dad wanted me in so he switched me.  So you see I had nothing to do with everyone standing in different towns and I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't bother fixing it but I should have taken the minute to do so. 
But don't go to ABQ unless your brother lives there because the entire drive looks like this and lasts anywhere from 9-100 hours, depending on who you are with. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 We've been having so much fun at Allie's dance competitions.  I was kind of dreading it, to be honest, but we've had so much fun together.  This mom had never even heard of the hair styles and make-up they wanted us to do, so the first time getting her ready took over an hour.  Thankfully I got the hang of it quickly!  Next year will be a breeze!
 I couldn't resist.  I sent this picture to Dave, "check out my diverse lil white girl."  What a cute bunch!
 I snapped this picture with my actual camera and she wanted me to text it to Dave (I'm the dance mom he's the soccer dad).  So we re-tried it with my phone about fifty times but to no avail. 

 I can't believe how grown up she looks in the pic!!  It was for team pictures, but she had it done alone and they will photoshop the group.  Can't wait to see if I'm the only mom who forgot the bow!  If I am, I hope they just photoshop that in as well. 

 One of the best parts of the competition is this cute girl.  We have to find an area where she can have floor space all to herself and she "performs" for me over and over and over again.  "Pretend like there was a bunch of girls."  "Pretend like I just did a back flip."  "Pretend I'm wearing the same thing the girls on stage are wearing."  Silly me, I brought a book to the first one.  Haven't made that mistake since!
 Last week I checked the kids out and took them to lunch.  It was so fun I decided I don't do it nearly enough.  They just miss so many full days I don't dare do early check-out:)  But next year they should miss less with year round so I'm planning to do this way more!  I said, "this would be perfect if Dad was here."  And I had Dave send us a selfie.  It was so cheesy, the kids loved it and laughed hysterically.
 This is my awesome soccer star.  He has so much energy and works so hard.  He's also been having fun in track.  I only have video of that but it's so fun to watch him run hard.  He loves the races but 90% of it is just conditioning so I think he will opt out next year:)
I got a fire pit for Christmas and it was FINALLY the perfect day to pull it out and roast hot dogs.  It was so fun and the kids wanted to eat on the tramp, which is great.  Easy clean up.  They always want to eat on the tramp, especailly their after school snacks!