Thursday, July 31, 2014

A letter to Allie

One more positive about year round school is that my summer girl gets to celebrate her birthday while she's in school.  She was the first "Happy Camper" of the year!  Each day she got to do something fun and one of the days we wrote her a letter for her to read in it is!!


*You are 1 awesome, amazing, talented, tough girl!
*You have lived in 2 houses.
*You were born on the 3rd day of August and baptized right on your 8th birthday.
*You have had 4 season passes to one of your favorite places-Disneyland!!
*You started dance and tumbling when you were 5 and have loved them ever since.
*You have 6 people in your family:  Mom, Dad, Allie, Detmer, Kendall, and Maci.
*You have been to 7 islands/countries:  Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Antigua, Tortola, St. Thomas, and The Bahamas.
*When you were 8 you visited your 12th state-Texas!  You have also been to California, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusets, New York, Florida, and of course UTAH!
*Now you are turning 9 and having a birthday party with your favorite food-cheeseburgers and getting your ears pierced with your best friend/cousin Maggie.

We love you Allie,

Mom, Dad, Detmer, Kendall, and Maci

Saturday, July 26, 2014


 Septmeber 11, 2010
July 21, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

K , 2, 3

 Monday was the first day of school.  I keep accidently saying Allie's in second and Detmer's in first.  That's probably because fifteen minutes ago, those were there grades, but after flash of a summer break, I need to get used to saying Allie and Detmer are in 3rd and 2nd.

I'm SOOOO excited to be on year-round school.  It's always been my dream to go year-round but I didn't even think it was a discussion when Allie started kindergarten.  Then when she started first grade I heard talk of over crowdedness and 700 building permits in our boundaries.  I got giddy and hopeful.  I was constantly asking my friends "in the know" what they knew and I would hear "it's a definite no."  Or "I heard we are for sure."  They kept me sweating and I don't think it became official until around March.  I was so thrilled and all my neighbors were irritated at me (apparently I was just about the only one who was praying for year round.)  This schedule is going to be AWESOME for our family!  I didn't even mind sending them back on July 21, because it's only 2.5 weeks and then they have a three week break.  I feel like I start to get so tired of schedules and routines and just need a break from it all...approximately every 9 weeks. 
 And Kendall is in Kindergarten (ouch) that causes me literal pain to type that.  I'm not sad or devestated or depressed that they are in school, but I HATE the first day.  I wish I could skip it.  I always get so sick on the first day and it drags on FOR EV ER.  Then they come home and tell me what a great day they had and how much they loved it and every single time after that is easier to send them.  And no matter what, it's a big change.  And change is always an adjustment.
 They did this weird back to school morning which I'm not a fan of.  That meant we came home for about an hour before we had to take Kendall back for afternoon kindergarten.  Then we left her there.  She was basically shoving me out the door and it's not the I wanted to hover (!) I just wanted a few pictures.  At least two kids were hysterically sobbing so I was super grateful for being shoved out the door.

 Um why do my kids always do the "silliest" smile when we try and get their pic.  And Det is usually pretty good but maybe he really wanted to show off his missing two front teeth.  We went and checked out Det's class a few days before school started and he basically pointed to every desk, "oh Mom, look!"  everyone is his best friend.
 This girl is so excited to start "pre-school" again.  I was not emotionally or mentally prepared for Maci and me to be the only ones home.  I should have a baby right now, and most of last year, that was my plan.  But we are readjusting and it will be fun.  But I really hate when people say, "you and Maci will have so much fun together."  Yeah, I know.  It's not like we just met.  But also, we would have MORE fun if it was us plus Kendall or us plus a baby or all of us.  Let's be honest:  she is going to sorely miss having a 24/7 playmate.  She is my easiest child.  If it was Kendall and I home alone together all day everyday...oh boy...I don't know if I can be Isa Lisa for that long and I definitely don't know if I could watch that many hours of dance concerts and I certainly would be constantly forgetting and being told, "no you were supposed to say 'what's your dogs name'."  Kendall LOVES and ADORES the sound of her voice.  I will not be a bit surprised if there is trouble in kindergarten for the constant chatter. 
 I can't even believe how big Allie is getting and it didn't help that she hit a major summer growth spurt.  She was very excited to go back and her two bff's were in her class!!
At this point I basically wanted to go into a coma until the next day.  Darn them for growing so fast!  But look how excited they all are!!!
Kendall and Maci LOVE the heel pop.  Especially Mace, who does it in 99% of pictures whereas Kendall is about 75%.  I just love that her entire second day of school outfit was orchestrated around her shoes.  Grandma Marbles bought her these for back to school and she just HAD  to wear them. She also got some new jeans she was excited to wear but I think those will stay in the closet until the school day temps are less than 99.