Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Good Life

So as I thought about my last post, it may have come off as a little braggy (best in the class).  But I can't help it.  My kids are just so cute and awesome I can hardly believe it.

This is not a retraction of the bragging.  It's more bragging.

Our day started off so awesome.  By 8 am I had sent Dave about 14 texts about all the cute things they had done.  I just couldn't be selfish and not share it with him. 

It's not that it was a perfect morning where we didn't realize that "someone" had forgotten to do their homework the night before.  Because that definitely DID happen. 

One thing that was nice was that I got up at 7 am and the kids don't get up until about 7:45--I love when I get all MY stuff done so I'm all theirs when they wake up.  I hate to admit it, but I think getting up at 7 may be in my future.  Usually I roll out of bed and they're all eating breakfast. 

So I'm doing Allie's hair and she asks if we could possibly go to Disneyland during our break in November.  I said probably not but we'll go on a vacation during the break after that.  I said, "I personally would love to do a cruise but I know you want to do Disneyland so we can take a vote.  And just because I'm your favorite mommy who does all I can to make your life as coooozy as possible..." and she gave me a look and said, "your just trying to get votes!"  Good news for me, I'm an excellent persuader.  I will show them videos of where we are going and they will be powerless to resist my charms.  

Today is the anniversary of my mom's death and I think that is another reason why my day was so great.  She just wanted to allow that for me.  Sometimes she looks out for me.  Like on the weekend our baby was due, my mom's sister came into town along with several of my favorite peeps in the world and I'm pretty sure my mom orchestrated that with her sister.  Because:  LINDSAY!  I just can't get enough of Lindsay and she was in town so I was really excited and looking forward to the weekend instead of staying in my bed sobbing like I might have done otherwise.

When our mom first died we blamed her for everything that went wrong.  Like this one time Millie broke her finger and she's like seriously Mom, you couldn't have helped me out with that?  And sometimes I was borderline praying to my mom and I was like, um, I probably shouldn't do that but losing your mom young should definitely give you some pull upstairs. 

I can't remember who I was telling about all we've gone through with our baby losses and subsequent medical problems and they responded "are you like, 'Mom, what are you so busy doing?'"  It was probably Lindsay cause that definitely sounds like something Lindsay would say. 

I don't do that nearly so much anymore.  Pray to my mom.  I never actually prayed to her but I was totally like, "Mooooom...I know you can make this happen."  But I give credit where credit is due because the best thing that ever happened to me was definitely the handsome young man I married and that happened before my mom died. 

I love the quote, "All that is unfair can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ."  It's actually credited to Preach My Gospel, but it first touched me when it was quoted in one of my favorite conference talks ever.  Don't read it!  Unless you want to cry.  But it absolutely changed my life and helped me through a very dark time. 

I know that somethings won't come to us until the next life, but I definitely think Heavenly Father blesses us abundantly even in times of loss and I know Dave came to me when he did for a reason.  He's talked me back from the ledge many, many times.  I can't even believe his patience.

But he did lecture us last night.  Me and the kids.  He said we need to be more mature.  Because there was too much potty talk at the dinner table.  It's true there has been potty talk at the dinner table, but can there ever be "too much"?  So tonight just before dinner I really, really wanted to say a potty word to Kendall and Maci but Dave was standing right there so I tried to respect his authority and be more mature and not say it.  But I couldn't hold back. 

Once when we were young my dad tried to calm down the potty talk and specifically didn't want us saying the "f" word.  Fart.  So an alternate choice was flatulence.  Which made us all laugh our heads off because we'd never heard it before.  Basically, we couldn't STOP saying it for weeks and I think my dad was relieved when we went back to saying fart. 

We have some friends that don't allow their kids to say fart.  Whatever.  To each their own.  But what's funny is the dad, in particular, curses up a storm anytime the kids step one toe out of line and after one of his explosions I so want to be like, "phew, good thing they've been taught not to say 'fart'." 

But I guess by those standards Dave is allowed to tell us no more potty talk.  Because we've been married for 12 years and known each other well over 13 and we (me and the kids) have heard him swear zero (0) times.  Which I think it awesome. 

In case my adoration is still unclear, I shall demonstrate in pictures. 
 I love candid shots especially when they turn out this adorable!!
 But I still needed a posed, they were such a cute couple that day!
 Neon/bright colors day for Red Ribbon week.
 I seriously get to spend everyday with this!
 There was two (2) pictures of me in a six month time frame.  Ugh.  This has happened forever and I keep trying to change it but I'm not a fan of selfies.  Guess what?  Too bad.  It's selfies or nothing and I don't want my kids to think I was an absentee mother when they go through old photos.
 My two awesome dancers after tumbling class!
 This happened for no reason in particular.  But it was cute and they all thought it was hilarious.
 Anytime Dad will toss you, whirl you, throw you up in the air, is a win.
 It was definitely one of the highlights of Maci's life when she got a matching sweatshirt with Dad.

We watched Heaven is for Real.  There was a part that brought up a lot of emotion in Allie.  But it ended well.