Sunday, November 30, 2014


Kendall is such a treasure for our family!!  She is the youngest six year old I've ever had-I still feel like she's just my little girl!!  After being off track the whole month of November she told me she's excited to go back to kindergarten-wahoo!  She did say she wished Maci could go with her.  Those two are so inseparable.  I'm sad for them! 

My favorite trait about Kendall is her ability to make everyone around her feel so loved.  She truly cares about every single person she meets.  She makes friends everywhere we go.  Even in the McDonalds in Farmington, New Mexico! 

She has the sweetest voice in the world!  I love it.  

We've had such a fun and exciting month and I'm most excited that Kendall has make awesome progress in her reading.  I was excited for her to start kindergarten and learn to read because I was having no luck teaching her.  That didn't work.  She didn't learn a thing in kindergarten.  I tried (begged) Dave and even Allie and Det to teach her because we were not having a good time trying.  We were getting to impatient with each other.  By the time she was almost off track I realized that no one else was going to teach her to read and it would have to be me.  I tried a hundred billion different strategies and finally found something that worked for my Kendall.  She is not fluent, but she is so excited to read all the words we recognize everywhere she goes.  I'm so excited and relieved!  I'm hoping she will enjoy kindergarten more with her new reading abilities.  
 Disney on Ice for an early birthday celebration!

 I had a lot more fun watching Kendall than watching the show.  Every time a new character came out her face lit up.  Then she started asking, "is that really Ariel?  The real Ariel and she's really Ariel?"  It occurred to me that she's figuring out the separation of fiction vs reality.  BOOO!  I wanted to take her to Disneyland once more before that happened.
 Of course her birthday party was epic because everyone was there to celebrate her!!

 Just like last year, on her actual birthday she and dad had a date to Boondocks.  What a cute couple!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Game of Life

We played the game of Life tonight and I cheated.  The game was going on and on.  Kendall and Maci had multiple children.  Then Detmer had one.  Then came the time where you chose the Family path or the path of Life.  You get probably five opportunities on this part of the game to let a little pink or blue peg sit in your car.  Allie and I were both childless and picked the family path.  Dave picked the path of Life and ended up with a blue peg.  I also got a blue peg.  Allie passed all the opportunities for children and she was sooo bummed.  And I was like, no.  My child is not going to experience infertility in the game of Life.  So the new rule is that you can adopt a child at any point in the game.  It was kind of funny.  Allie was a lawyer.  I was a doctor.  Maci skipped college and had three kids before Allie and I were even married.  Then Allie's like, "well, obviously, she didn't even go to college!"  At first Allie (okay fine and me) was happy with her fancy job but pretty soon we were like who cares about all the wealth and fame!  Give me a husband and a baby!  What can I say, the heart wants what it wants-even in some silly game.

 I occasionally go to the gym on Thanksgiving morning.  They do a special line up of classes.  This years was so awesome!  I got home about an hour before we were going to leave for Thanksgiving dinner (lunch?) and Kendall and Maci were already dressed.  (see above)  They could hardly believe that I was going to make them change.  I'm not very good at letting them express themselves creatively when it comes to fashion.  Maybe that's why they color and write on walls/furniture/clothing/shoes.  Oh wait.  Only Kendall does that.  
 While we waited in line, the two little beggars wanted to be held and were very pleased when Dad obliged.
 Then they got too heavy and so Dave put them down and Kendall was mad so Allie held her.  Allie held her again tonight when she got fussy during scriptures.  Allie, that little momma should have a car load full of blue and pink pegs.  
 Also, after dinner we saw the Penguins of Madagascar.  It was horrible.  So disappointing.  I wasn't expecting it to be excellent but I was at least expecting it to be bearable.  Lame!
 Of course Kendall and Maci had to change, because how else could they have been wearing their matching red jeans?  First things first!
 Ever since I couldn't find any pictures of myself during a six month time frame, I have gotten way better at taken the dreaded selfie.  It's not the funnest way for me to keep a record of myself, but I have to admit I have enjoyed downloading my pictures and seeing several of myself each time.  I'm glad I started it and I am going to keep it going!