Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This week has been parent/teacher conferences.  I actually hate them.  And I think it's so weird that you bring your kid.  I just want the cold, hard facts and sometimes it's awkward to ask questions that you don't want your kids to here.

Like with Kendall.  I know how she's doing.  Kendall is the love of our lives and has so many wonderful talents, but she won't be confused for someone whose ahead academically.  I know that.  And yet her teacher gives me a paper with an action plan or something.  You know, some tips to help her at home.  Oh brother.  Wait, so we're supposed to read with her??  I was super bugged because her teacher said she didn't hand in some assignments and I know she did and the teacher lost them.  It's fine.  I've lost stuff before, too.  But when I hear the mom before me just as confused as I am about the "missing assignments" then no, I'm not going to "look for them at home" because they were already handed in.  Kendall is awesome and her improvements are AMAZING!!!  Her teacher was super confused about the action plan because Kendall was above goal in every area.  I didn't feel confused.  I know she struggles!  I'm helping her and she's getting better everyday and that's all we can do.

Allie works hard.  She spends a ton of time doing homework.  I just don't want my 3rd grader overly stressed about school, so yes I expect a lot from her, but I'm not going to panic if she brings home a score that's not perfect.  This is the first year that's happened, and I want to teach her that it's more important to learn and take stuff in than it is to get perfect scores.  She made this face and on the outside she had character traits like "blue eyes" "brown hair" "oldest in family".  The inside was where they were supposed to put their innermost hopes and dreams.  There were two things that surprised me:  "Be a fashion designer in Paris"--she actually has started to get into fashion lately. She begs me to take her to the mall.  Me + Mall = Ahhhhh!  I'd rather even take her to Kohl's or Target but she's insistent on the mall!  She loves coming up with her outfits.  Went she first decided to start picking out her clothes she was all excited and the first day it was a pink shirt, pink jeans, pink boots, and a pink blazer thing.  It was not great, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I decided to let her express herself. So it continued.  The next day I think it was blue.  The third day it was red.  Three different shades of red.  Not different enough to match.  Not similar enough to match.  I thought of all the homeless pictures of myself as a nine year old and I remember saying "Mom!!! Why did you let me go in public like that?!!"  So in order to avoid the same lectures from Allie in the future, I made her change.  I was like, "I'm so excited you're picking out your own clothes, but let me tell you some things to help you pick out an outfit that goes together.  Rule #1:  let's not use the same color from head to toe."  She was so open and receptive.  A lot of times she's like "how's this?"  And I'll say, "I love those boots with the jeans, but the shirt is a little too similar in color, so let's try this shirt."  And she's just as proud of the finished product.  She continues to look in the mirror and compliment how awesome she looks.  My heart soars.  The second hope and dream that surprised me was "to interview famous people".  I thought it was kind of hilarious that she didn't want to be famous.  At one point she said even though she loves dancing, she wouldn't pursue it professionally because she doesn't want to work Sundays, and most dancers do.  My favorite hope and dream was, "to sleep with my mom in her bed".  hahaha!  Sometimes when she's overly tired she lays on my bed and she's just so goofy, "I'm sleeping with you tonight."  And it's never happened.  So we've got to get Dave on a business trip so she can sleep in my bed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My awesome stud is 8!!  He is the easiest guy to please. Like all kids, he's been looking forward to his birthday party forever.  Well, Dave hurt his foot pretty bad and he was in charge of running the party so I asked Det if we could postpone and he didn't even bat an eye and readily agreed.  Not only is he easy-going but he's so easy to please.  He got some silly little gifts in his birthday bucket this morning and you would think he received the moon with the way he went on and on.

For Christmas he got a Real jersey and would love to have it painted on his person if I'd let him.  I have to force him to put it in the wash.  Force.  Then the other day I saw him sneaking it out of the dirty clothes!  I have to keep it in there at least two days so that he wears something different for at least two days.  He's so passionate!  He doesn't do things half way.  He's either madly in love and obsessed, or nothing.

He comes home from school, picks up his football and doesn't put it down for hours.  Many times it's a prop in his story, "and then Sam threw the ball and Rudy was right behind me about to grab it, but I jumped so high, like this, and barely grabbed it."  He also makes up a billion and a half fake scenarios.  Especially after watching BYU or the Broncos, "what if the defender was here and he was about to tackle but then the running back did this and went here..."  Yep.  It goes on.  And on.  And on.  The other day Dave took all three girls somewhere and I thought oh this'll be a nice little break for me.  False.  Det pulls up his favorite video game called Clash of Clans and sits right next to me and proceeds to tell me about each character and how much they cost and all his land, etc.  It's as exciting as it sounds.  Then you hear that thing about letting your kids talk to you when they're young so they'll talk to you when they're older.  But that can be hard when, you know, Clash of Clans.  And details.  So many details.  So I said, "okay bud this is the last thing you get to tell me about Clash of Clans."  And that might sound bad, but see he kept telling me things.  "Mom, just one more thing..." he'd say without meaning it.  

I thought he'd struggle with shyness.  I'm so happy I was wrong.  He still has a very hard time talking to adults but he's become a total class clown.  Today he started doing this random clapping thing over his head and pretty soon everyone in the class was doing it.  He also got a comment on his report card that he's, "doing well in school, but often talks out at inappropriate times."  I mean, sorry to his teacher but I was beaming with pride when I read it. 

 These two peeps are still bff's.  Still burning the midnight oil long after Dave and I have gone to bed.   
 Last night I made Det sit on my lap, "it's the last time I get to hold you while you're seven."  He always let's us hold him and tonight when I said "come here bud, I need to hold you for the first time that your 8" and he immediately obeyed.  He's the sweetest.  Last night I had to run an errand so I asked him if he'll help Dave since his foot was hurt.  "Sure Mom.  I'll help Kendall and Maci with anything they need.  I'm also planning to give Dad a big hug when he gets home.  I've been planning that since this morning."

In our family pictures and in his individual pictures he did this exact same goofy smile every single time!!  See above to note that he can smile normally!!