Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Uptown Funk

-Dave and I hate the song "Uptown Funk" but of course the kids love it and always beg us to turn it up when it comes on the radio.  We were cracking up the other day when the kids were singing, "Uptown funk you unk Uptown funk you unk."  This morning Allie told me they were listening to it in dance yesterday and they were all so excited and singing really loud.  I hope no one heard her saying "unk".  So I told her and Det that it really says, "up".  Their lives were changed forever.

-A few weeks ago Dave hurt his foot at basketball.  He came home and laid down on the couch with an ice machine.  The kids waited on him hand and foot.  "Is there anything else you need Daddy?"  Yesterday, I hurt my leg.  I had to leave the gym and could literally barely walk.  So of course I hopped to get most things done.  I told Allie I may not be able to record her dance because of my leg.  HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE SIGH!!!  Then the girls beg me to take them to the park and I said okay but I won't be able to do underdogs because I hurt my leg.  Mind you, I could not walk without wincing in pain and limping really bad.  They knew.  Yet we get to the park and the weeping and wailing over the want for underdogs was non-stop.  In a normal circumstance I would have taken them home but I was chatting with my friend as they screamed and whined at me.  What does a mom have to do to get some compassion?!

-This warmer winter is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.  I would love it every year.  "Don't you miss the snow?"  I've been asked countless times.  No.  Not at all.  I learned this year that I could happily live with never seeing snow again.  My favorite is when people (and I've heard this multiple times) say, "it's just like the scriptures say!  The seasons are getting all mixed up!"  Um.  I didn't know the scriptures were only referring to Utah.  Cause peeps, everybody else got about ten feet of snow.

-This is about how our mornings go, "Kendall get dressed."  Kendall:  "Mom, last night...I had a dream...(proceeds with long detailed story)."  Me:  "Awesome!  K. Now get dressed."  Kendall: "Oh and Mom, did I tell you all the people who got in trouble yesterday?  First, it was....(long detailed story)."  This continues until I have to say, "Ok Kendall.  You don't get to tell anymore stories until you're dressed."  Girl canNOT multi-task.

-Which reminds me: we flew JetBlue on our cruise.  This means each and everyone of us would have our own TV right in front of our face with many channels to chose from.  Yeah, Maci didn't even pretend to put on her headphones.  Kendall would occasionally put hers on then she'd start talking to me in a yell and I'd have to reminder her to take her headphones off when she's talking.  Than about ten different times I heard her say, "Mace is yours working? " (Yeah, Maci wasn't using hers) but EVERY.TIME. she had accidentally unplugged her headphones.  Mostly, she just wanted to visit.  I had to ground her from saying, "I almost said..."  because on top of her usual non-stop chatter she would start every story by saying, "I almost said my pants are blue but I meant to say when are they bringing us a snack."  "I almost said where's my ipod but I meant to say what time are we going to get there."  Then we get off the plane and Dave's like, "man that was the best!  I got to watch the BYU game AND the Duke game!!"  Yeah, he owes me.

-Once Nicholas Sparks wrote a good book called "The Notebook".  (Didn't he?  I don't know I haven't read it but I loved the movie.)  Why have we been letting him dupe us ever since then?  His work is terrible, unless you are someone who thinks having an unfair and untimely death is romantic.  I mean The Lucky One was ridiculous.  The conflict was that he had found a letter from her husband who died so suddenly she wouldn't speak to him?  Then Because of Me.  So, so stupid.  We're supposed to feel so bad that her husband isn't nicer to her and applaud her affair.  Barf.  And the whole story.  Ugh he thinks he's so clever.  I saw some article the other week about the "shocking news" that Nicholas Sparks is getting a divorce.  Look, Nick, I'm sorry for you, but if you thinking cheating is so romantic your divorce is not "shocking news"!   Let's ban Nicholas Sparks!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I want to record our vacation but it's kind of hard to look back at the pictures.  It was seriously one of the funnest most perfect experiences of my life!  There is nothing better than clearing your schedule of EVERYTHING except being with your family.  I wish everyone had such opportunities.  It was just magical and awesome and amazing.  We had so much family time and so much fun together, and Dave and I had time for just the two of us.  Paradise!!!  Take me back! 

Our first stop was Turks and Caicos.  It was an awesome stop!  The beach is right off the ship and it's beautiful.  We had one sea day before our stop, which was perfect because by day two I was dying to get to the beach.  Everyone was ready to go get back on the ship and they had to drag me out.  It was heavenly.  I just love the ocean so much!

One fun thing that I didn't get a picture of (only video) was when Det got called on stage in front of a huge audience.  The cruise director had him do a "magic trick" then she said, "this is a magic coin.  Tonight before you go to bed rub it three times and put it under your pillow.  In the morning, you'll find $20 under your pillow.  And if you don't, that just means your parents don't love you."  It was hilarious.  Det got the $20 and bought us beach chairs and an umbrella in Puerto Rico.  He's the coolest.  Some friends we'd made on the first day saw us the next day and they were like, "hey, Detmer is famous!"

 Last year on our cruise Det was about one inch too short for the ropes course and he was so bummed, so I was so excited for him to try it this year.  He loved it!  He did such a good job.  It was hard.  A lot harder than the one on our last ship.  I liked the last one better because it was a lot easier.  This one involved a lot of tight rope walking and I was freaked watching Det do it!  He wanted to do it over and over.

 Kendall and Maci got to star in a live production of Cat in the Hat.  It was awesome!!!  That's when they fell in love with the cruise director (in the red vest).  She was awesome!

 I bought these inflatables for two bucks at Fresh Market before we left.  Best investment ever.  Those combined with our Dollar Tree sand buckets.  This is at our favorite beach ever in St. Thomas.

 I've usually found the beaches with small or no waves but now that their older I didn't worry as much and it paid off.  They LOVED the waves in Puerto Rico!!  Okay so we all did.

 The Eastern Caribbean is beautiful.  We snorkeled a ton and saw millions of fish.  This is Orient Bay in St. Maarten.  The people in St. Maarten were so nice.  They were the friendliest out of our stops and were super helpful when Allie left all our snorkel gear in the taxi!
 The girls and I took a dance lesson from our awesome cruise director.  Later out by the pool they did a flash mob.  Allie rocked it!
 There was lots of fun water slides and I couldn't believed my little Kendall braved them over and over and over again!!

For a scavenger hunt we had to do the chicken dance.