Thursday, April 30, 2015

My dear Betty Jean. Junior.

{Betty Jean Junior is my newest niece, due to arrive this September}

Dear Betty,

I was having a blue Christmas in 2014.  Christmas 2013 was magical, because we were expecting our sweet little baby boy.  There are two things that make Christmas more magical 1) expecting a baby or 2) (and even better) having a new baby.  But Christmas 2014 came and out came a stocking for our baby boy and a special ornament and letter for our baby boy.  But there was no baby boy.  It was a rough Christmas season.  I cried.  A lot.  I didn't have my baby boy.  No baby was in sight.

One night your dad came over for some help wrapping your moms Christmas presents.  We were chatting and you know I had to harass him about if you were EVER coming, because I'm the big sis.  And he told me he was finally ready for you and it was the best Christmas present ever.

I prayed you would come quickly.

Three (ish) weeks later, we were at my house having Maci's birthday party.  Your mom sat down at the table and I thought, "hmm, she doesn't look so good.  Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease."

Just before your mom and dad left your dad said, "we have a present for Maci."  I. Freaked. Out.  I! FREAKED!OUT!  I probably super annoyingly shushed everyone and the magical words were spoken.

A baby.

In 9 months.

September 2.

(two days before my birthday.  now you are my Christmas and birthday present)

When your parents went to the doctor to see you for the first time, I was a wreck.  Again, I couldn't stand the thought of them going through the pain of things not going well.

I even waited til the end of the day to talk to your dad, just in case.  The news was that they couldn't find you.  They couldn't find a baby.  It was a Thursday.

Betty, your mom is thin and she was 9 weeks pregnant.  You should have been clear as day.  There is absolutely no reason you weren't on the ultrasound.  When your dad told me they couldn't find you, I cried.  And cried.  I text everyone in our family and told them to pray for you.  Betty, I am very clear on the odds of not finding a baby at 9 weeks and then having the baby magically appear.  They are not good.

I told your most awesome cousins what happened and asked them to pray.  I walked into the hallway and saw Allie kneeling to pray in Kendall and Maci's room.  All weekend, they prayed for you.  They all did.  Dallin said to Cami, "Mom, I have a good feeling that everything is going to be okay."

I didn't pray.  I was so sad.  Heavenly Father knew how much we all wanted you.  I had been praying for you before you were even in your mom's tummy.

Your mom and dad were going back to the doctor Monday morning.  Sunday night we had dinner at Kelly's and on the way home I was talking to Dave about how worried I was about the appointment the next morning.  But I knew I had to pray for you.  I knew that if it was a miracle and they found you, you had to know that I was rooting for you all along.  I didn't want to tell you that everyone else prayed for you and believed and I didn't.  As soon as I got home, I prayed.  I had a strong feeling that the next appointment was going to go well.

I'll be honest, I took a sleeping pill that night with the intent of not waking up until your dad had time to text me.  Still, all night I had nightmares of random texts from your dad.  Some good.  Some bad.

When I woke up, it was there.  YOU were there.  A picture of you on my phone.  You were not small, you filled up the whole screen.  Where were you on Thursday?  I don't know, but after a trial of my faith I got to experience an amazing miracle!

You should know, baby Betty, that your mom was a rock through it all.  While I was a complete mess, she was unwavering.  I said, "how did you handle it?  How were you so strong that whole time."  She said, "I don't know.  I just felt like there was a baby inside me."

Those moms, baby girl, they know things.  Never forget that!

I love you so much I can't wait to celebrate our birthdays!

PS.  Everyone asks me if I want you to be born two days late so we can share a birthday.  NO!  I don't want to wait two extra days to meet you.  In fact, do me a favor and come two days early.  I'll consider it my birthday gift!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


 When Allie makes the girls lunch she always does something cute and fun.  Yay for off track time coming up and Allie making lunch everyday.
 Det is usually 100% ready for school before I even roll out of bed in the morning so he always takes time to hold Maci for a bit when she lets him.  He also usually jumps on the trampoline or plays basketball.  As a gal who snoozed til the last minute and barely had time to get my clothes on, I don't get it, but I love it.

Det said all he wanted for Christmas this year was a basketball hoop.  He's been obsessed with basketball lately.  When the college basketball tournament ended he said, "this is the lame time of  year because there is no basketball and no football."  #dave2.0  We got a hoop for Easter.  The kids were so excited and he's been out there everyday.  Allie has been playing a lot as well.

Dave gave Det his Duke jersey.  It is Dave's size, but an actual jersey who used to use for rec basketball, so having no more need to it handed it down to Det.  Det has scarcely taken it off.  He also got some "Real" athletic shorts from his cousin and couldn't wait for shorts weather to wear them with his Real jersey.  He was stoked when he got home from school that day and everybody had loved his Real shorts/jersey and was extra proud that his friend said they were so "boss".  #kidsthesedays

The other day I said, "kids these days" in front of Kendall and she's all "I know, right....even me."  Haha!
 Maci is OBSESSED with finding "lollie pollies".  Finds about fifty every time we go outside.  The other day she was totally torturing this one, picking it up every time it tried to crawl.  I was like, "Mace, be soft.  He just wants to be free to crawl."  Then she told me her and Kendall were playing a game where rollie pollies were evil and they stepped on a bunch of them!
 Allie has dance right after school one day and I was going to the gym after I dropped her off so I told the girls to get right into the van.  Kendall was taking forever and I was like what the heck?!  She finally comes out rockin this super girl costume.  Maci was already dressed up so of course Kendall had to.

Allie stayed home from school because she'd been kind of sick.  Maci adores having a kid stay home.  So much that I'm quite free with letting them staying home when they have a sniffle (benefit of year round school, they have still missed way less days than ususal).  So Allie was home and watching TV and I told Maci she could think of something for her and Allie to do and Allie would do it.  Maci said she wanted to dress up like a princess and have Allie do her make-up.  Allie, of course, did it happily.
 Having Det in scouts with me has made it a LOT more tolerable.  Det is such a cool kid.  We have a trouble maker in our den (hey only one, down from three so I can't complain too much!).  He kept saying, "Deetmer.  Is your name Deetmer?  His name is Deetmer, right?"  And I'm thinking how do some kids just know every possible thing to do to be as annoying as possible.  And Det COMPLETELY ignored him.  Didn't even glance his way, whereas I wanted to smack him.  It was awesome because than the kid felt like an idiot and Det was just like I do not have time for your lameness.
I bought whoppers the other day.  Allie and Det liked them.  Kendall didn't.  Maci was in love and wanted to eat the entire box.  So after her bowl was gone Allie and Det still had some and she was begging them to share.  So they started making her do dog tricks.  "Roll over" "play dead" "beg" to earn a whopper.  So funny!