Thursday, May 21, 2015


I want to see the entire world, with my kids.  But sometimes it is just easy and fun to go to Disneyland.  We told the kids we would do a road trip.  We were deciding between Moab, St. George, and somewhere like Sea World or Palm Springs.  The kids wanted to go to Disneyland.  We said that's not a choice and they still said Disneyland.  So Dave finds this beautiful picture of a three-year-old Kendall at Disneyland and he's like, "we have to go back."  That's right, my friends.  This time, it was all Dave's craziness.  They just dragged me along (hahaha!).  

All the kids were big enough to go on almost every ride!  At first I was sad about this.  I'll be honest, I really missed having a baby and being "forced" to hang out in Fantasy Land.  Thankfully, Kendall acted like a two year old and the only big ride she went on was Splash Mountain:) I was a little bummed for her, because I know she really would have loved some of the other rides.  
 Kendall, because of not wanting to go on any rides, met a lot of characters.  She is our only kids whose ever been interested in characters.
 This is how Kendall spent a lot of time.  Bawling her eyes out.  Too bad it made us all laugh!  Except on Soarin Over California when she screamed louder the closer we got and physically abused Dave.  The workers have never been so happy to hand out a rider switch pass.  I was sad about that, because she would love Soarin.
 Love these best buddies!

 This was the first time Det was tall enough to go on Screamin.  He was really nervous at first, but got the hang of it quickly.  On Thursday it was really rainy so there was no crowd.  I let them ride Screamin a bunch of times in a row.  They were so excited.

One of my fave parts of vacation is veggin at the hotel!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I like them

Detmer walked out of the pantry and hit his foot.  He almost started crying and I totally rolled my eyes.  We've had a busy week doing nothing but play play play and I knew how exhausted he was so I chalked it up to that.  Not ten minutes later, he scratched himself on the couch and started to cry.  Once again, I roll my eyes.  Thankfully Allie with her heart of gold held him and comforted him while I tried to explain that being tired magnifies your emotions.  A few minutes later he had calmed down and was just playing.  He shows me his foot.  Yeah, when he hit it on the pantry door it took off about half of his toenail and his toe was red and bruised.  Then he shows me his chest.  He has a huge bloody scratch from where he scratched on the couch.  Yep.  Mom of the year right here.  Wonder how long it will take to get over that guilt?!

I found this picture that Det drew for Allie hanging up in her room.  Those two are just the cutest bff's I have ever seen in my life!  At the top it says, "comes up with great games" then the arrows of course, "cool friend" "cute" "best".
 We've had so much fun at Allie's dance competitions.  She's done awesome.  They've gotten all first places and at one competition second.  There dances are SO cute!  It's fun especially when I don't have to get up at 6am.  I really don't like getting up at 6am:(

Crowd support.  The girls love going to competition.  The first competition that the entire family went to I went back to help Allie change and the first thing she said was, "what did Detmer think?"