Thursday, July 23, 2015


-Today while driving to the park Allie says, "I bet there will never be a world war again.  I bet there won't be any wars!  There is so much peace right now.  Nobody in the world is fighting."  Well, nobody in HER world is fighting, and that's good enough for her, for now.

-We love to watch America Ninja Warrior except the other night Det was quite troubled when an older guy was on and fell on the first obstacle.  I didn't realize how much it affected him until he said prayer the next night, "Please bless that there won't be a 72 year old on America Ninja Warrior who falls on the first thing again."  Haha! 

-I was really sick Tuesday and when I was telling the kids about it I said, "I woke up and couldn't see."  As soon as Allie and Det got up Wednesday morning they were like, "Mom!  Were you blind when you woke up this morning?!!"

-Allie, Detmer, and Kendall went to a kids camp at the Sportsplex.  Kendall was SO excited since she got to go special when Allie got hurt. The camp is three hours long and when I picked her up I said, "tell me everything!"  Kendall responds, "for snack was yogurt and chips."  First things first!

-Kendall brought me three rocks she found and asked me to baby-sit.  The names were Rock, Roxie, and Roxie Jr.  So clever!

-Kendall and Maci stuffed bears in their shirts and pretended to be pregnant.  Then I hear Kendall singing (to the tune of Shake, Shake, Shake Senora) "cut, cut, cut senora, cut the baby out!"  Hopefully I'll be so optimistic when my time comes!

-The school started a chess club.  Allie and Detmer were up, dressed, lunches packed and gone before I was even out of bed. Gone to chess club.  Of course, there actually was no chess club that day.  But still.  Chess Club!

-Great Grandma is always telling me that Kendall is a boy name.  Dave sent me a text, "Kendall is the 10th most unisex name in Murica.  62.76% are female.  37.24% are male.  Take that Betty Jean!"

-Allie and I were having a day out and she was looking around in the toy aisle at a store.  I start to walk off and she says, "stay where I can see you Mom."  Woah!  When did this role reversal happen?

-I overhear Kendall to Maci, "And Maci we're both only 18 but we got pregnant early."

Lellow Scone

I get to start catching up now that Dave finally bought me a new computer!!  Might as well start with our fun 4th of July trip to Yellowstone! 
The kids got out of school on July 2.  It was early out day so as soon as they got home, we started driving. 
I know she has to stop sucking someday, but she's the best road tripper EVER!

 Our favorite Yellowstone adventures were:

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (AMAZING!!  My favorite)
Old Faithful
Tons of wild animals and especially

This was my first trip to Yellowstone, and the kids.  But Dave's been many times and he told the kids "I've been probably 10 times and never seen a bear so it probably won't happen."  They were even more excited when it did.

Allie and Det brought their ipods and loved taking millions of photos. It always makes me want to get them a nice camera. 

I started looking for a hotel Wednesday night.  That fact, along with it being 4th of July weekend, meant the closest hotel I could find was in Idaho Falls.  It was a great place to stay. We had a super fun, super full day at Yellowstone and on the 4th we stayed at the hotel all day and swam.  At night we were able to see the 4th of July fireworks outside our hotel window.