Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get one of these...

(a selfie.  One of about 100 pictures/videos taken by Kendall when she took my camera.  It was lost for days and I obviously knew she was the guilty party even though she swore she didn't do it.  Tip, Kendall:  then don't leave such incriminating evidence!)
I'm so lucky to have this girl.  Just in the past few days, here is some of the things she has said to me:

"Mom, I love the way you dress me.  It's like a fashion show everyday!"

"Mom, you're the cutest, funnest, nicest mom I ever saw!"  and many variations of that.

"Mom, I love the way you do my hair.  I'm so stylish!"

Everyday after she gets ready she admires her beauty in the mirror for about five minutes.  Turns her head from side to side.  Puckers her lips.  Touches her hair.  I hope she does it forever!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


On Friday Dave and Det had Father and Sons so I was trying to come up with something cool to do with the girls.  Allie decided to take over the whole night and filled the night with awesome activities for Kendall and Maci.  She made them a special dinner, followed by the special dessert (below) and some activities.  No wonder they adore her so much.  She is AWESOME!!!
 Early Saturday morning was Dave's work party.  It is something the kids look forward to every year.  They love it.  It also happened to be the morning of my nieces baby shower!  I couldn't decide if I should risk going to the party and making the kids leave early or if I should just skip it.  I skipped it and I felt so guilty until Dave started sending me all these pictures of the fun they were having!  The day starts with a 5k.  Det finished in 32 minutes.  He is so determined.  I love watching him run because he is so focused.  Allie finished in 43 minutes and I was so proud that she didn't give up.  They are awesome!

 These guys are so lucky to have the coolest dad ever.  I hope my girls will always keep high expectations in a their future spouse since they know how awesome a man can be.  And Det is going to be the catch of the century:)

Monday, August 10, 2015


Allie is TEN!!!  Double Digits.  A Decade.  She sat down by me while I wrote this, so I asked her some questions. 
For her birthday I took her and Det to Cowabunga Bay.  She'd been wanting to go there for awhile.  We had an awesome day.  They wanted to go to Training Table for lunch and since all Training Tables are closing I told them I doubt there is one close by.  I looked it up on my phone and it was five minutes away.  SCORE!  My favorite part was watching how much fun she has with Det.  They played hard.  We got there just after it opened and stayed until closing.  For a minute, Det felt bad for leaving me but I tried to explain that I was just fine.  I like the part where they were pretending to baptize each other.  I'm so glad they have each other!!  It was nice that Kelly kept Kendall and Maci because we could not have been quite as adventurous or stayed as long if they had joined us. 
Allie is awesome!  I could write a book about her.  She helps so much with the all the kids.  She is so patient and loving. She is starting to learn how to cook.  My dream come true.  So so lucky to have such an awesome girl!!

Favorite Food:  Icee
Favorite Activity:  sports
Favorite TV show:  Any Disney show
Favorite Movie:  Any Disney Movie
Favorite Restaurant:  Chuck-A-Rama
Favorite Mommy:  Mommy Steffensen
Favorite School Subject:  Math or Reading
Favorite Song:  This Is My Fight Song
Favorite Primary Song:  Child's Prayer
Favorite Thing About Being A Decade:  "I get to say I'm a decade" 

First Day

I hate the first day of school.  It is one of the worst days of the year for me.  The kids love it!  They were sooooo excited!  The whole day from drop off til pick up I basically sit and watch the clock and hope and pray they are having a great day. 
Our elementary school did such a horrible job of first day preparedness today.  I think since we are year round.  They were more concerned with the other tracks waiting outside than with the first day of school kids getting settled in their classrooms.  The school was locked up. It was so disappointing because I had three kids I wanted to drop off, but none wanted to be late.
When Allie gets excited she loses her head.  She couldn't even stay with us.  She just started randomly running around the school grounds.  I was like, well see ya after I guess.  After school when I brought it up she said she just got so excited. Maybe she should get into running.  She could run ten miles when she gets excited.
Detmer is silly.  He is not shy anymore but he was still timid about me leaving him at class.  He was asking me where to put his lunch box and back pack???  Um, no idea. 
Kendall got to class and her best friend was there with her mom.  Sophie would not let her mom leave until Kendall got there.
All three had an awesome day.  They came home so excited.  They had a classroom full of friends and loved their teachers.  It's going to be a great year!
Plus, they are all so good looking!!!
 First day of 3rd grade!
 First day of 1st grade!                                             
 First day of 4th grade!