Thursday, September 10, 2015


My least favorite thing about school is lunch.  Thinking of what to make, making sure we have the groceries, making sure the kids have a balance of healthy stuff they will actually eat. 

No, wait.  HOMEWORK is my least favorite part about school.  So basically anything that I have to do is my least favorite part. 

Allie and Det are awesome at packing their lunches and I love it.  It takes them about five minutes to put it together.  When I make everyone's lunch it takes almost an hour.  Of course, I do have everything ready for them in baggies and a special cupboard and when I pack lunches it's usually because the cupboard is not organized so I have to do everything from scratch. 

Kendall makes her lunch if she feels like it.  Getting Kendall to do stuff is hard.  And she's easily overwhelmed so I usually don't mind doing it for her.

Maci was excited to make her lunch each night when Allie and Det did. She put it in her lunchbox, put her lunchbox in her back pack, and brought her back pack with us to the gym each day and ate when we got home at lunch time.

The other day Maci had in her lunch:  a York, a cookie, a fruit snack, and a Capri Sun.