Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Letter


Dave recently had a stressful week that included a new van and a new fridge.  Or should I say, lack thereof.  Our fridge is, quite literally, falling apart.  Dave found a great deal on a new fridge on Black Friday.  He researched it for hours, read reviews, took measurements, and finally sat down at his computer and announced, "okay, here I go to purchase it."  Several hours later he confessed, "so I didn't get the fridge."  Then we both decided that while our fridge may be a strain on the eyes, it still works, so it would be wasteful to purchase a new one.

A couple weeks later he decided to finally finish the process of purchasing a new mini van.  He had set up the day and time, cleared the budget, read reviews, and knew exactly what he wanted.  Once again, cold feet.  Until we are running our van with our own feet ala Fred Flinstone, it will remain part of the family.

Thanks to my adorbs nephews we've recently become obsessed with a new YouTube video.  We all love to quote it regularly, but it's especially hysterical when Dave tries to quote it. Because he can't.  The line is "got eem" and no matter how many times Dave practices, it's "got him" or "got um" "got heem".  I hope he never learns.


There I was, and not to get graphic, but nine months pregnant, about to get a huge needle in my back, literally cut open, and poked and prodded more times than I care to remember when I announced to the children that they would be getting a flu shot this year.  Allie started to cry and says in her saddest, most dramatic voice, "why does life have to be so hard?"

Allie knows how to have fun, but she is a pleaser, so she was very upset when she came home from school the other day.  She and her friend Ellie had been sent to the principals office.  Why?  Because they got to loud in the lunchroom (EYE ROLL).  She was so stressed out about the experience and told me how grateful she was for Ellie, who comforted her when she began to cry.  I asked her why she cried and she said she was afraid I would be mad.  As if!

The drama didn't end there.  A few days after that, Allie fell off her scooter.  Instead of jumping back on the scooter and rushing home to be comforted by her mommy, she stayed on the ground crying and shouting "help! help!"  When she realized no one could hear her she jumped on her scooter and came rushing home to be comforted by her mommy.


Since I haven't been to church since Sunny's birth, I arranged for the Sacrament to be brought to me at home while I was out.  As I explained to the children that taking the Sacrament is the very most important part of church, and our whole week, Detmer exclaimed, "THEN WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO FOR THREE HOURS?"

My kids are chatty people and sometimes I think I will go nuts if I have to hear about another episode of Studio C, or another detailed dream, so I wasn't thrilled when it was bedtime and the end of a VERY long day (today) when Detmer announced he made up a song he wanted to sing for me.  It's fair to say I almost shed tears but instead I bucked up and acted excited about this event.  He sings, "ba bananas."  And let's me know, "that's all I have for now."  It was truly an answer to prayer. 

I've worked hard to avoid asking my kids what they want for Christmas, since I loathe the tradition of kids making long, greedy looking lists.  However, when Detmer had a school assignment to find what he wanted for Christmas and the price, he got a bee in his bonnet.  A few days later, he brings me a list with the items he wants and the price tag.  The cheapest thing on their is $44.99.  One of the items is "Paul Lasike used Nike game shoes" for only $59.99.  Also, a helmet.  Because he would get tons of use out of that.

Detmer has fallen hardest for Sunny and loves to hold her.  He even set aside a special shirt to change into when he got home from school so he could be clean when he held her.  When I finally let him walk around with her he was on cloud 9.  He gave her an official tour of the house.


My friend sent me a text the other day, "Just read with Kendall.  She's so darn cute.  We got to the word 'pump' and she smiled big and said, 'oh just like my mom she pumps for our baby' and she squeezed herself to show me..."

A few weeks ago I got a call from the office, "Kendall's lunch box was empty, so I've advised her to have school lunch."  Not sure why this warranted a call from the office but anyway I was pretty ticked, since I was 110% sure her lunch was there when she left for school.  I thought for sure she threw it away so she could eat school lunch that day, but when I interrogated her she seemed innocent.  I wasn't fully convinced, cause the girl knows how to tell a tale but there was nothing else to be done.  Last night, while opening the small pack of her back pack, she found her lunch.  She and Maci rotate lunchboxes and it happened that both were in her bag, and she grabbed the empty one, while the packed one sat in her small pocket growing all sorts of fun things.  Her clementine was unrecognizable. 

She has taken to stuffing her shirt and walking around announcing in the funniest voice, "Mrs Bubkiss".  Apparently an ample bosomed gal from a show the kids watch.

The other night, Maci had a sleepover.  When she got home I asked her, "Did you miss Sunny so much?"  She said, "um.  Not really because I forgot she was already born." 

The other day she walked each of her Barbies to a separate place in the house and while doing so, announced which state they lived in.  "North Carolina, Florida, California, Utah, and Australia."

When Sunny was having a fussy day, Maci, finally out of patience, plugged her ears and said, "ugh it's SO annoying!"  I couldn't believe it, she's usually the picture of perfect patience.  I told all the kids and she quickly explained she said, "it's" so annoying, the crying, not Sunny.


Oh, Sunny.  She's summed up in so many cheesy song lyrics that I constantly sing to her:  "My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came."  And "you're my Sunny after the rain, you're the cure against my fear and my pain." 

We're a case of opposites attract, though, because one of my favorite past times (eating) is something Sunny is loathe to do.  She simply prefers not to be bothered by it.  Thankfully we both agree that sleep is a beautiful thing.

She is very happy and smily and already likes to participate in the practical jokes of the family.  She loves bathing with me, but cut it short the other day when she decided to poop in the bath, leading to her quick exit.  Brother and sisters could not be more proud.

For the most part, Sunny is very patient with being the passed around "hot potato" and didn't even cry when Maci held her nearly upside down.