Monday, February 15, 2016


We were excited for our trip to Disneyland, but not as much as usual. Getting ready was so. much. work. We had to leave a day later than planned so that Dave could help me with Sunny while I finished packing. We all ended up having the most fantastic time!!!  
Allie, Det, and I went to ride all the big rides together. They wanted to make this face (above) on every ride. Det was SO PROUD he tricked me by giving me bunny ears. We went on splash mountain about twenty times. Sometimes we didn't even have to get off the ride-we just stayed on and went again. 

How handsome are my two studs?!

This baby spent many many hours and over 20 miles of walking in the carrier. She was a total champ. 

Can you find Sunny?  The hours she didn't spend in the carrier she spent under this cover eating!

One of the only rides Sunny went on NOT in the carrier. 

My Boy

Detmer turned NINE on Wednesday. 

He is one of the coolest people I know.

He truly enjoys every single thing life has to offer and he enjoys it to the fullest. 

I don't ever remember hearing him say "I'm bored." 

99% of the time he is throwing around the football with his receiver gloves on pretending that he is a famous NFL player. 

He made us come home from Disneyland a day early once we learned the Broncos were in the Superbowl.

A couple of things with Det while we were at Disneyland...

-He got really interested in the history of Disneyland so each night he looked stuff up on his iPad and taught us about it the next day

-He also got excited about hidden Mickey's and we looked for them on every ride.

-Allie, Det, and I went to the park together, just the three of us, a few times.  He held my hand the entire time.  It was awesome.  I could finally go on all the rides and we had so much fun together.

-One of the things Det found was that when someone puked on a ride it used to be called a "protein spill" then got changed to a "code v".  I told them the only ride I didn't want to go on was Goofy's Sky School because it makes me want to puke.  He said, "it makes you want to protein spill?  It makes you want to code v?"  He's got the best sense of humor.

-One night at Disneyland he said to me, "Mom whenever you and me are together, we always have so much to talk about."  It was one of the best things my kids have ever said to me.
-He has created an entire amusement park.  He has names for the rides, employees, design ideas.  He's been working on it for years. 

-He's obsessed with Odell Beckham Junior.  In the morning, he will only wear a coat to school if it's colder than Odell Beckham Junior, which is 13 degrees, since Odells number is 13.  If it warmer than that, it is only jacket weather.  He also hates to wear pants, so if I force him to do so, he wears shorts underneath for a quick change when he gets home from school.

-He does really well in school and I never have to remind him of or help him with his homework.  Hallelujah!  His Chinese teacher always tells me how handsome and good looking his is, and that he's very smart and one of the best students in her class, and that he needs to practice not being such a class clown.

-He thinks his dad is the coolest person alive.  He would go to the opera and enjoy it if he was with Dave.

-He cannot tolerate getting in trouble.  He gets so upset when he gets in trouble, which s probably why he's perfect 99.9% of the time:)