Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Puerto Rico

For the kids last time off track I wanted to do an amazing vacation. We kept trying to plan something but nothing was working out. Finally two weeks before they went off track Dave found an awesome deal to Puerto Rico.  It was definitely some of the most fun we've ever had!!

This was the beach right outside our condo. This was our last day and it was a little cloudy but we had so much fun at that beach. 

Our last time at the beach before this was when we went to Huntington Beach in Septmeber. We rented some boogie boards and Det had an accident with his, so our first day at this beach he was so nervous. I went out snorkeling and he was yelling at me to come back. When I got back he lectured me for having gone too far. I wanted to calm him down so we talked for awhile and I asked him why he's not nervous when I drive a car because that's more dangerous. He said, "because you're good at driving a car!"  I said, "you know what I'm even better at than driving a car?  Swimming."  And I swam into the distance. That was enough to calm him down and he was back to his daredevil self from then on. 

Zip lining through the rain forest was on my bucket list and not only was it an amazing time but we about fainted when Kendall zip lined!!!  We couldn't get her on Tower of Terror but zipping through the air with a small harness?  Sure!!

My phone died at San Sebasti├ín so most of our pictures were on the actual camera. I wish I had better ones because this was one of the most beautiful and fun places we've ever been. There was a rope swing and the crowd cheered for Det when he went on it. Allie had fun going on it as well. 

The baby loved the beach. She did so good!  The waves misty put her right to sleep. 

We took the very to the small island of Vieques. It was the most beautiful beach I've seen in my life. There was also tons of fish which was fun for all of us. 

We loved hiking through the rain forest and swimming in the falls. 

There was a ton of huge iguanas on the grounds at our condo. We named all of them. We still miss them!

This was our picture in Salt Lake before we got on the plane. 


On Friday Allie and I went to our mother/daughter activity for Allie's activity days. It was dinner followed by minute to win it games. 

I hate to brag about my kids (just kidding I love it) but Allie was so awesome. The games were set up to where only one girl (per team) could play at a time. Allie was so patient when most of the girls were insisting on taking their turn next and trying to take extra turns. I was so excited for Allie when she got two of the best games. She deserved it. 

Broken Finger

We experienced our first broken bone in the family when Det broke his finger last week. It got smashed in a car door and was stuck there. It was horrible. My poor baby!!

Lasted, after the crying stopped and he was able to talk, he said, "Mom it was so crazy I just walked in the door and you were like, 'did you smash your finger in the door?'  I don't know how you just knew!"
We had a broken finger party. The kids had to keep their hands behind their back and dig through a bowl of noodles (with their face) to pull out an apple slice. Det won!  He already had the advantage of doing stuff one handed. 

This was the funniest game. The kids had to draw a picture while the paper was behind their backs. They all thought they would do so awesome and they were shocked when their picture looked so terrible. The best was when Kendall drew a cat. Everyone guessed it pretty quick so she must have thought it was an awesome picture. Then she looked at it and got the most disappointed look and said "darn it!"  

Thankfully he could still play his iPad one handed!