Monday, June 27, 2016

Phase 10

On Saturday we were playing Phase 10. I had laid down to move to the next phase but not gotten rid of all my cards. No one else had laid down. Detmer had a skip and Dave was explaining how to use it and that you usually want to use it on the person who is ahead. Det responds, "but I can't skip Mom. She's my best friend!"  It was the highlight of my life.

A couple weeks ago we had his follow up appointment about his broken finger. After we left, the doctor called and said the radiologist looked at his x-Ray and Det will need surgery. I was so devastated, of course, because MY BABY and also all the other stuff like not being able to swim this summer because of a cast.

The hand specialist at Primary Children's is only in every other Wednesday, so of course we waited forever for an appointment. We told Det it would be great because we would get Dad from work and after the appointment the three of us would go to lunch. It left the other kids wishing for a broken finger. Unfortunately Det picked Chuckarama for lunch, despite my intentions to convince him otherwise. I always say I could just go get the kids slurpees for a dollar and skip the mediocre food. They end up getting five icee drinks and one half eaten plate of food. But they all love it, much to the dismay of Dave and me.

So the morning of the appointment Det stayed home and I asked him if we should get Allie checked out from school to come with us. He was so excited. It totally changed the day. I even let them bring their iPads. Allie and Det were so cute and excited. I'm so glad they have each other.

When we got to primary's it said we would wait 60 minutes to see the doctor and of course that is super frustrating. Dave dropped Det and me off while he and Allie went to park and they took us back before they even got there. The OT said it was a miracle because they'd been so behind all day.

We first saw a fellow and he told us about the break and said Det would not need surgery. It's hard to describe the relief I felt. I had tried not to think about it too much but when I did I was so nervous. From what the doctor had told us I didn't even dare hope we would escape surgery. I'm pretty sure I was happier than Det. We also saw the hand specialist and an OT hand specialist who molded a cast to Dets finger. It had worked a lot better. I feel so grateful he doesn't have to have surgery. He is so active. He plays from sun up until sundown so it was extra hard to see him sit in pain. He's not one at all that can just sit for hours. He's in the cast three more weeks. The countdown is on!


 Kelly bought this dress when I was pregnant with Allie. It has seen better days, but all four of my girls have worn it on Fathers Day.
This baby makes us laugh with her stretches. She does this all the time. 

                                         Allie's class has had a super fun month doing an activity almost everyday.
                                           She wore this lil number on hat day!
This baby is so loved and spoiled!!

Sometimes by the time I get to my class at the gym around 8:55 in the morning I cannot believe how much has happened. So many stories, activities, organizing, eating, chatting. So thankful I was blessed with (mostly) kids who are morning people. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016


 Last week was Skyler and Megan's wedding. Unfortunately, this post contains no pictures of the actual couple. I got one picture of them but it won't upload. I planned to still a few but no one posted any?  Hello millennials?!!  Anyone pictured above is Sunny and a (single, high school aged, Bridger). It was so fun to have him visiting from Texas.
Maci was super lucky to get to come along. She had the best day hanging out with Mom and Dad. She thought she was pretty dang cool. And of course, she was. 

She shared my plate, which of course means she got to order everything. The dessert was ice cream and she didn't even share a single bite!

Oh look!  A little glimpse of the groom!  

We made sure there was ultra craziness leading up to the wedding. First, I was trying to figure out what to do with Sunny. The wedding was and luncheon were over an hour away so we didn't have time to come pick her up between, but it would have been to long to leave her. Thankfully, Skylers cousin was willing to watch Sunny. We were so super grateful!!  I was nervous to leave Sunny with someone I didn't know, but in this situation I was desperate enough and I knew it would be a short time. Well, the cousin (Trina) who watched Sunny ended up to be about the most adorable thing ever and I'm pretty sure if she lived closer we'd be best friends. I spent the majority of the time visiting with her. She lives in Orlando but I know she'll always hold a special place in our hearts for saving the day. 

Dave and I also decided to misplace our recommends just before the wedding. Dave found his but I was not so lucky. Tuesday (the night before the wedding) I found my very sweaty, twenty minutes post work-our self in meeting with the stake presidency to replace my recommend. Dave and I worked out and I intended to go home and shower but Allie needed a special drink for school soon simply ran out of time. I was the perfect example of that Mormon tall tale about wanting to be "clean" for such an occasion, but I reminded myself Heavenly Father knows my heart, right?