Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Allie is 11!!!  

She had an AMAZING year in school. We loved both her teachers so much!
She loves to read
Loves to swim
Has an easy breezy time learning new things
Loves her introverted personality
Loves going to parties
Loves the her siblings
Is so amazing with Sunny
So brave!  She will try anything. 

For her birthday we went to Roy Aquatic. At first it was just going to be me and Allie. Then she decided to invite Det. She could live in a pool, I swear. She enjoys the slides and diving board but can also just swim around like a fish. 

For her birthday lunch she wanted to go to Chuck A Rama. I can't believe I can't convince my kids to go to another place!!!  To be honest, though, I'm pretty picky myself when it comes to eating out. But why can't my kids just love Chick Fil A?  Maybe one day. The funny thing is, they mostly love the drinks. We had 19 cups. And they ate chicken. They really don't even try anything else. So I asked Allie if she wanted to go just the two of us or if she wanted to bring along her siblings. She was insistent that she only wanted Det to come.  "He just gets me," she said. I love their cute relationship. They're best friends and they always get along and have fun together. 

I told Allie that ten was such a good year for her because it's the year she met Sunny and she happily agreed. I can't believe how amazing she is, the way she takes care of Sunny. They have the cutest relationship.