Friday, November 4, 2016


I've been listening to Christmas music and these lyrics hit me. 

"Have you wondered as you've watch my face
If a wiser one should have had my place?
But I offer all I am..."

Hearing this made me think of my sweet Sunny. Everyday I am grateful that she came to our family. And yes, I definitely have often wondered, as I watch so many friends and loved one struggle to have a baby, why she came. I'm grateful every single day that Heavenly Father saw fit to send us this baby!!  I was so desperate for her.  I have often wondered if deep down inside I knew there was another girl who was meant to be ours forever. Or maybe I just wanted a baby. I know everyone looked at me and wondered why I couldn't be content.  I had FOUR kids!  That's pretty dang magical.   But I was so NOT content. I needed her in my life before I even knew her.  

I am totally obsessed with her one year old pics. She was such a ham!  I asked Allie to come along and be my assistant and Sunny loooooved having both of our full attention. When I put her on the bench she swung her legs back and forth and man...the adorableness!!! 

We love her little personality. She treats so many of the words we say. She has a few words she says consistently, like mama and dada, of course. 

When she wakes up she calls for me. "Mom mom mom mom."  Its the greatest. 

She started to crawl at church. The kids were so excited.  Allie came home and wrote it in big letters on the calendar. So I can definitely say it was Sept 19!

The kids are trying so hard to teach her to walk. They really, well *I* really, want her walking before our upcoming trip.  She practices daily so we'lol see if that speeds things along or not. 

She was 17 pounds 9 ounces!!  Her doc commented that she finally learned to enjoy eating. Who knows but yay!  she was in the 10% from the second. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Life

Last night I was out late and Allie sent me a text that she had cupcakes for me. I told her thanks and just thought she brought them back from Daves parents.  When I finally got home she was waiting for me even though it was past bedtime. She was so excited. She had made me cupcakes and written me the seeetest note that made my life!  I especially loved how she signed it Allie (your best friend). Her cupcakes were yummy. It was funny because there were seven and Dave said she guarded them with her life and wouldn't let the kids even sniff them. It was so cute but even I wouldn't eat seven cupcakes so today everyone got to have one for their after school treat. We adore this girl. On Sunday she was being a stinker and she's like, "sorry I'm so sassy tonight".  Then she didn't stop. She's hardly ever like that. She's usually so happy. On Sunday night she was home with just Dave, Sunny, and me. Being the day before Halloween Dave thought it would be funny to put on a mask and scare Allie. Scare her he did. She freaked out. Screamed and started crying. We felt sooooo bad. We were like "what do you want?  Can we offer you a million dollars?"  She settled for some frozen lemonade and Dave was pretty much her servant. He could hardly sleep he felt so bad.

Det is awesome. He's having so much fun with his YouTube channel. So many moms are judging me for letting him do it but I love it!!!  It totally showcases how hilarious and loving and talented he is. I love when he has Sunny on his videos. He's so sweet with her. When I was doing his Halloween party one of his friends points to Sunny and said, "is that the girl from your videos?"

Kendall and Maci get home from school and play play play. It is reallllly hard for me to say "stop playing and come do homework!"  I always read these studies about how kids watch four hours of tv a day. How?  My kids watch zero and they still don't have time for homework. I mean they usually do it but ugh it's too much. They want to play!!

I am soooo so so so so happy that we took Kendall out of Chinese. She's done 95% better. She still has struggles but I know she'll catch up. She's so much less tired and fussy.

Maci taught herself to ride a bike. Sorry to all the sucker parents who run behind a bike for hours. I mean, I've done it. But it's pointless because kids teach themselves. You just have to give them time. That's my expert parenting tip. She's probably ridden her bike for 20 hours since learning. She almost passed up sleeping over at cousins. She was torn on leaving her bike. Today after school she didn't even come in and say hi to me!!!  Kendall just let me know she was out riding her bike. What a stinker.

As soon as my pictures upload I'll write about my one year old. She's amazing. She's a big stinker. She is mad if I'm not within arms reach of her. She never used to ply in the pantry but ever since Halloween she is constantly sneaking in there. I SWEAR she can smell the candy!!