Saturday, January 21, 2017


This cute thing started nursery!  Dave and I were put in the nursery and it was a relief. I was realllly hoping it would go well. I know, I know.  Church is never easy with kids. But it has been a huge challenge the past year and it was to the point where I was filled with dread each Saturday night. I normally really love Sunbeams but it was horrible having Sunny, one really challenging Sunbeam, and four Sunbeams who were so cute, but still 3&4.

So far Sunny loves nursery and I'm not filled with dread leading up to church!  So we have a win win!  

I know a lot of people have callings with babies, but babies are so different. And my baby...she's not cut out for coming along and playing quietly while I teach. I hope she keeps loving it. I love being able to watch her transition to nursery, too. 
Oh this picture has nothing to do with nursery but her pigtails!!

Snack time in nursery-I looooooved how her legs hung over the chair. Oh man I love her!!

She loved walking around playing with all the toys. Dave and I are wondering why she won't do it at home!!

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